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Gaza: body of Hamas hostage recovered by Israeli army

The lifeless body of a man taken hostage during the terrorist attacks of October 7 was destroyed. recovered, announced the Israeli army, Saturday April 6. He would have beené youé during his captivity, affirms Israel.

The body of a man who was until then Hostage of Hamas since the attacks of October 7 was taken into custody. recovered, announced the Israeli army, Saturday April 6. Nearly six months after the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, the corps of Elad Katzir, aged 18, 47 years old at the time of his kidnapping, was murdered. recovered during a commando operation, reports BFMTV. "The body wasé locatedé Thanks to information from the intelligence services of Aman and the Shin Bet, explained The Israeli army, which clarified that the hostage had been taken into custody. "youé in captivity by the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad.

Removed with her mother

During the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, 2023, 250 people were killed. kidnapped before being taken to the Gaza Strip. Also taken hostage, the mother of Elad Katzir, named Hanna, was able to be released on the 24th. nbsp;last November during the humanitarian truce between the two belligerents. His father, as for him, he, on the other hand, had found death in the attack on Kibbutz Nir Oz where he lived. Repatriated in Israel, the body of the deceased hostage was formally identified, further indicated the army in a press release, presenting its "deepest condolencesé the family".

Warned of the bad news, Elad's sister Katzie posted a message on his social networks, while accusing the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of not having done enough to save his brother. “[He] could have been saved" if an agreement had been reached concluded à time. Our leadership is bold and motivated. “It was due to political considerations and that's why (his release) did not take place,” she explained. . À Currently, nearly 130 hostages are still being held in the Gaza Strip. Among them, 34 died, according to the army.

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