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Gen V: will there be other spin-offs of the series ;rie The Boys?

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Definitely, the series The Boysis making the heyday of Amazon Prime Video. While season 4 will soon be broadcast on the streaming platform, it is a series derived from this universe, Gen V, which is currently meeting subscribers' expectations. Spectators generally appreciate this expansion of the original work which remains faithful to the material while bringing novelty.

Derivative series, yes, but…

We can from then wonder if other spin-offs of The Boys could see the light of day. And indeed, Pavun Shetty, producer of these two original creations, answered this question in an interview with Comicbook.com.

He does not close the door to this idea, far from it, but sets his conditions:

We are lucky that the fans really like the series and that there is a Real anticipation for Gen V, and there are plenty of characters to build on. There are many diverse aspects to books, across the ages, that we could really capitalize on. But I think the most important thing for us is to be careful and think about what we do next.

The manager adds: “We would like to have several series, but I think that the public is really enlightened (…) so there must be a real story to tell and that there must be a real story to tell. we feel like we're in the same world, but differently. That's why we're really thinking about what the next series could be and how it could fit into the universe.”

We can appreciate Pavun Shetty’s caution. The latter seems to have understood that spin-offs and extended sequels to major franchises tend to tire spectators, and he is therefore trying to find the best way not to disappoint their expectations.

Before that , we will also have to see how season 1 of Gen V, ends and if it confirms the good impression of its launch. We already know that it will be entitled to a second season, and the rest will depend on its audience and public feedback. While waiting to find out more, you can always reread our review, guaranteed without spoilers, of the series.

For your part, and if you have watched this spin-off, what do you think? ;? Tell us in the comments.

The takeaway:

  • The Boys producer is open to the idea new spin-off series
  • However, he wants to find a good idea
  • For now, Gen V meets spectators' expectations

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