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General alert! The new PS5

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As we slowly prepare to celebrate the 3 years (yes already) of the PS5 and Xbox Series, the Japanese giant has just launched; make official the one that has been at the heart of many rumors for several long months already: the PS5 Slim.

The PS5 Slim is official!

Although Sony does not specifically use this term, today we discover a new PS5 whose volume has been reduced by more than 30%, while the weight has been reduced by 18 and 24 respectively. %… because yes, this new redesigned PS5 is still available in two versions, namely a PS5 with physical player, and a Digital Edition model.

For the record, this new model will be 4 cm more “small” than the current model, and will display 3.2 kg on the scale for the standard model, and 2.6 kg for the Digital Edition model. For comparison, the current models weigh 4.5 kg and 3.9 kg respectively.

Unlike the current model, this new PS5 has four distinct panels, the upper part of which is glossy, while the lower part is matte. On board, the machine will have a new 1 TB SSD (and not 825 GB). No change however on the power side, we find a standard PS5, but which displays a revisited form factor, for “more flexibility” according to Sony.

Indeed, as certain rumors suggested, those who buy the Digital Edition version of this new PS5 will indeed be able to later add an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player to it. , which will be sold separately at a price of 119.99 euros.

General alert! The new PS5

© Sony

The launch date of the new PS5s is scheduled for next November, without further details. Once stocks of the current PS5 model are exhausted, the new PS5 will become the only model available in stores explains the Japanese group.

Remember that on November 15, Sony will also launch its highly anticipated PlayStation Portal, which could have enjoyed great success.

In terms of prices, the new PS5 will be displayed in Europe at a price of €549 for the standard version, while you will have to pay €449 for the version 100% digital. A horizontal stand will be delivered with each console, but Sony announces that a new vertical base will also be included… and sold separately for €29.99.

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