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Generation Z: on the road to the freelance revolution?

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Each generation brings with it its own vision of a professional career. If it was very common to stay for decades in the same company before, the cards have since been reshuffled. Generation Z and their followers, Millennials (or Generation Y) think differently. Rocked by an economy which is undergoing significant changes, they seem to be moving massively towards independent work. In the USA, statistics show that there is indeed a break with more traditional aspirations.

Towards a preference for freelancing

This is a survey “Unconventional Jobs” conducted by Collective which reveals this divide. Among Americans, 64% of those under 35 plan to work freelance or are already doing so.

A figure that contrasts sharply with the 31% of adults over 35 who are simply considering freelancing as a professional option.

This evolution in mentalities regarding the conception of work is multifactorial. This can be attributed to the very strong influence of technology in the daily lives of Generation Z, supported by the emergence of the creative economy. That is to say the creation of original content and the monetization of individual talentsvia digital platforms.

The famous 40-hour week is no longer the synonym of success among younger people, who prefer to attribute the success of their professional career to freedom to act. Another form of moral expression of neoliberalism, just as telling as the more classic vision of work.

Preparation for professional challenges

It is not only the attractiveness of freelancing that is noteworthy among our friends across the Atlantic. Not only are they attracted to it, but they are actively preparing for it. In the event of dismissal, 59% of the youngest have a plan B (independent activity). Among their elders, this proportion drops to 30%.

Collective CEO Hooman Radfar suggests that the very strong influence of AIand online platforms support this rather unprecedented dynamic. These new tools allow entrepreneurs to count and bet on themselves, rather than entering into a relationship of dependence with companies.

Another important aspect to underline: the young people affected by this survey prove to be more inclined to save to anticipate possible life accidents: dismissal or health problems for example. Many of them have a secondary activity alongside their main job, which could potentially be converted into a full-fledged career.

In the short to medium term, we could observe this dynamic as a simple trend passenger. If this continues in the same direction, or even becomes more pronounced, we can then speak of a transformation of the world of work. These figures are only indicators, cold statistics, so they should be taken for what they are: raw data. We will have to wait in order to have the necessary perspective to assess whether this societal transformation is indeed real.

  • Generation Z and Millennials in the USA are more attracted by freelancing than through employment.
  • A very marked difference with the previous generation if we are to believe the results of the Collective survey.
  • This trend can be attributed to several factors including the rise of digital technology and the creative economy.

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