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George Clooney's wife angers Marion Maréchal and Joe Biden for the same reason

The request for an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has triggered protests. an outcry in the global political class, from France to the United States. A decision in which George Clooney's wife had a certain weight.

Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan has requested on Monday, May 20, 2024, the issuance of arrest warrants targeting three Hamas leaders, the Israeli Minister of Defense, and the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, himself, for acts that he describes as war crimes or crimes against humanity. In exact terms, the ICC refers to crimes such as “deliberate starvation of civilians”, “deliberate starvation of civilians”, quot;intentional homicide” and “extermination and/or murder”. A decision supported by France.

Indeed, in a press release, the Quai d'Orsay indicates that it has been warning "for many months about the imperative of strict respect for international humanitarian law and in particular on the unacceptable nature of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip and insufficient humanitarian access. In this sense, “France supports the International Criminal Court, its independence, and the fight against impunity” in all situations. France is committed to the search for a lasting political solution in the region, the only one that will allow us to reestablish a horizon of peace and put an end to the suffering of the Israelis. ;eacute;links like Palestinians" can we read in this official declaration. 

A "&eac;historical milestone" for Amal Clooney

To make such a decision, the International Criminal Court also relied on the advice of a panel of experts , which includes the lawyer of Lebanese origin and wife of actor George Clooney, Amal Clooney. The latter indicates having been é contacted "more than four months ago" by the ICC Prosecutor to join the group of experts charged with to examine "evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity' presumed" in the Gaza Strip, in a message on the website of the Clooney foundation for justice.

The human rights activist says, on behalf of the group: “We have unanimously established that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the use of starvation as a weapon of war, assassination, persecution and extermination. She judges the arrest warrants requested by the ICC as a "éhistoric step" to "provide justice for the victims of atrocities in Israel and Palestine".

Marion Maréchal éevokes "electoralist calculations"

However, this decision by the ICC, welcomed by France and Amal Clooney, did not please everyone. the French political class. She even had the gift of bringing together two political families who were more accustomed to turning their backs on each other in recent weeks, particularly in view of the European elections. ennes of June 9, Les RéRepublicains et Reconquête. 

The deputyé Meyer Habib, elected representative of the eighth constituency of French nationals established outside France since 2013 and apparent LR castigated the decision of the International Criminal Court and the arrest warrant for the Israeli Prime Minister: "I am ;heart. France's position is a scandalous betrayal. It evokes "entire families being burned" in Israelël.

An anger shared this Tuesday morning by the head of the Reconquered European list, Marion Maréchal at the microphone of CNews: " Drawing a parallel between Israeli leaders and Hamas, which is an Islamist terrorist organization which has ramifications everywhere and which threatens France with terrorist acts, makes no sense. I totally refute what is insinuated; &agrav; through these prosecutions (those of the ICC, editor’s note), à know that there would be a genocide in the future Gaza. I don't believe that at all. France's position does not surprise Marion Maréchal, "I think that behind this there are electoral calculations in the middle of Europe. Surely they want to please others. a part of the population, notably Muslims, who today see à through the subject of Gaza, one of the driving forces behind voting and mobilization.

At the same time, American President Joe Biden said he was "scandalizedé" &agrav; the idea of ​​a mandate against Benjamin Netanyahu. Main ally from Israel, Biden will not be late &agrav; react after the request from the ICC: "I will be clear:  whatever the prosecutor insinuates, there's There is no equivalence between Israel and Hamas, there is none. What is happening is not a genocide, we reject" this term he hammered out. 

Teilor Stone

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