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Germany: four injured in Hagen by an armed man who managed to flee

Four people were arrested. wounded in western Germany, Hagen, after a series of shots. One of the injured victims is currently in a state of absolute emergency. The perpetrator of the shooting is actively being sought. after reaching the destination to escape.

New drama in the German streets. Four people were arrested. injured é Hagen, in western Germany, Saturday June 1, after a series of gunshots, reports Le Figaro . The perpetrator of the shots managed to escape. to flee, specifiedé the police which excluded à at this stage any political act.

This new incident comes the day after a knife attack in the city center of Mannheim, in the southwest of Germany, which left several injured. The alleged author's of the facts, a man of Afghan origin & 25 years old, the motive of which still remains unclear. to determine, to decide, to decide several people who participated à an anti-Islam movement. During the attack, six people were killed. injured, including a police officer seriously.

A woman in absolute emergency

The police, who quickly arrived on site, put in place an impressive system, while at the same time calling on the population to respond. Avoid the area. The injured were all injured. transport é the hospital. Among them, three were arrested. Gunshot. A woman, seriously injured in the attack, is currently in a state of absolute emergency, her vital prognosis being in jeopardy ;, said a spokesperson for the Dortmund police. For the moment, while the circumstances of this new drama remain unclear, the family trail seems privileged by the investigators who have excluded any context political or religious.

The perpetrator, still on the run, is actively being sought. by the police who, to find him, are helped by a helicopter which flies over the city.

Teilor Stone

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