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Germany - France: first defeat of the year for the Blues, the summary of the match

Taken at a glance the entry throat after a goal from Müller and trapped by Sané At the end of the match, the French team had to admit defeat against France. Germany and concede its first defeat in 2023 (1-2).

Germany - France: first defeat of the year for the Blues, the match summary

Germany 2: 1

Germany - France: first defeat of the year for the Blues, the summary of the match

France Live

23:55 – See you in October

Thanks to all and everywhere everyone for accompanying us to follow this friendly match between the France team and Germany. See you on October 13 for the next match of the Blues, it will be at home. Amsterdam to face the Netherlands in qualifying for Euro 2024.

Germany - France: first defeat of the year for the Blues, the match summary

It's a feeling that the France team had forgotten. in a year 2023 crossing with serenity and insurance. Five matches for as many victories and not a single goal conceded. Then this solidity flew into pieces in the air barely more time than it took to lace up his crampons. Four minutes after kick-off, Gnabry crashed into the home team's side. left and served Henrichs in the area behind Pavard and Todibo, who were going to experience an ordeal during the first half hour. The full-back propelled a powerful cross in front of the 6 meters that Müller managed to reach. control before scoring his 44th goal for the selection with an unstoppable volley. In four minutes, Germany, presented as moribund and with confidence in tatters, had just broken the blue wall that was thought to be insurmountable.

A goal ô how symbolic because signed of an "unalterable" player, repositioned at the forefront of the attack by Rudi Völler, interim coach at good intuition, and rewarding a perfect start to the match from the locals. Indeed, at Dortmund, the Bavarian's teammates had decided to play to face the vice-world champions with their heads held high and to put pressure on them. A high block, sharp runs and a desire to win. to hurt. Germany immediately marked its territory, in a striking contrast with the visitors, who remained in the locker room. Rarely, in recent times, the Blues have offered; such a service. Certainly, Didier Deschamps had proceeded to à numerous changes, more or less constrained, but these could not explain the porosity; of the right defensive flank where Pavard and Todibo were overtaken at the end of the race. each opposing movement, or the feverishness of technique and the absence of a bond between the players. Also, the Tricolores looked for conviction and consistency for half an hour, time to finally land a shot. A start of reaction which lasted a quarter of an hour. A period of time where they could have equalized but Tchouaméni saw Ter Stegen poke his head out of the end of the gloves under his bar, while Mr. Taylor saw fit not to whistle a penalty although obvious on Kolo Muani, balanced against in the surface by Rüdiger.

A digression before diving back in. Deprived of its captain and lethal weapon Mbappé, France could not manage to win. revolted and was passing very close to the correctional facility when Wirtz, on a cross from Brandt, came up against Todibo. It was only a postponement. 5 minutes from the end of regular time, after another save on his line from Ter Stegen on a strike from Griezmann, his third decisive save of the evening, Sané was offered space behind Tchouaméni. Served at the right tempo, the Bayern Munich winger placed the ball in the small left net from an inside left leaving Maignan helpless. A rich idea since a few moments later, late, he let his leg drag and hooked Camavinga in the area. Griezmann was responsible for transforming it. In vain. The Blues had come across better than them this evening and had to admit defeat to have completely gone to the top. next to it of their subject. A first defeat in 2023 without any consequence other than that of tickling the ego and reminding us that victory is built and deserved.

23:18 – Deschamps: "A catastrophic start to the match"

"It never feels good. We had a catastrophic start to the match where the We were late, which led to a delay. the opening of the score. I wouldn't say we gave anything away. the second goal too but it was avoidable", regretted Didier Deschamps after the meeting at the microphone of TF1. "This is not what I expected. We were no longer used to it. lose but the high level is merciless."

23:11 – Tchouaméni: "Less effective than usual"

"We wanted to win this match but unfortunately, in certain phases, we were defeated. less effective than usual", period Aurélie Tchouaméni at the microphone of TF1. "Overall, we didn't have a bad match. It was a team that we knew was in difficulty, that had to improve. heart to make a result against us. They got into the match very well and we didn't. It's paid in cash."

23:07 – Germany raises its head

Slapped by Japan last Thursday (1-4), the Nationalmannschaft returns to a victory that had eluded them since last March 25 against Peru (2-0). Above all, she avoided a fourth consecutive defeat, which has not happened to her since a succession of 7 defeats in a row between July 3, 1912 and November 23, 1913.

23:02 – A first since 1987

Defeat at Dortmund, the French team concedes its first setback in Germany since 1987. This defeat also puts an end to its defeat. a series of six matches without defeat for the Blues against their German neighbors.

The French team lost to Dortmund after a match that they did not know how to wrap up (1-2). Surprise entry by Mûller and an aggressive and determined Germany, the selection of Didier Deschamps showed too many individual and collective shortcomings to imagine better. The reaction seen in the last quarter of an hour of the first period will not have been apparent. followed by effects and at the end of the match, Sané pierced the French defense to achieve the break, before Griezmann saved the honor from the penalty spot, finally beating Ter Stegen, decisive at home. several times.

22:51 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of additional time in this second period of the match between the France team and Germany.

Griezmann ignores the gesticulations on his line from Ter Stegen and beats him with a perfectly crossed inside left. flush with the post. France returns to a goal in terms of added time.

In the area, Camavinga is broke; by the late return of Sané, who lets his left leg drag. Penalty for the Blues.

In midfield, in a back position, Havertz gives in the interval to the ball. Sané. The Bayern Munich player uses his speed to run behind Tchouaméni towards the surface and deceive Maignan from the inside from the left.

https://twitter. com/DFB_Team/status/1701699482298310766?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

At 20 meters, Dembélé triggers a tight right strike. Writing sacrifices itself by throwing itself. The ball returns to Griezmann, who the edge of the area wraps up a left shot. The ball falls under the crossbar but Ter Stegen flies away to deflect for a corner with the tips of his gloves.

22:41 – A change for France

Didier Deschamps is seeking a fourth replacement in the person of Fofana. The latter comes into play Place de Rabiot, not very prominent in an eccentric position; à left.

22:39 – Two new German changes

A quarter of an hour from the end of the match, Völler brought in Hofmann and Gosens, at the end of the match. the place of the discreet Wirtz and the active Henrichs.

22:36 – A center too long

Dembélé continues to panic its vis-à-vis with its electrical supports. With a double contact, it eliminates the right angle of the German surface. He then curls a cross but it is too long and no one is there. beyond from the far post.

22:34 – Dembélé makes differences

Griezmann plays the corner short; right for Dembélé. With a feint, he catches two defenders and overruns before poking his center. Tchouaméni arrives launched; but it's Havertz who pushes the danger away with his head.

22:32 – Camavinga pushes too far

Camavinga carries the ball and heads towards the German area. Wanting to avoid Brandt's intervention, the Real Madrid midfielder pushes his ball too much and misplaces it, to the benefit of Rüdiger.

22:31 – Incomprehension in front

Dembélé gets the better of his defender and relies on Thuram at the entrance to the surface. The interior attacker takes another shot, fakes the shot and decides to hit behind the back but the neo-Parisian did not understand his intention and did not offer.

The Blues have endured the match for many minutes and are very close to conceding a second goal. Gone behind Koundé and covered by Hernandez, Brandt inherits the ball on the left flank. From a back cross, he found Wirtz whose shot from inside the right was blocked at the last minute by Todibo.

22:25 – Triple change for France

In the 63rd minute, Didier Deschamps decides to go ahead. make your first changes. The coach recalls Kolo Muani, Pavard and Coman and sends Thuram, Koundé and Dembélé.

22:24 – Double change for Germany

Shortly after the hour mark (63rd), Völler proceeded to attack. two new changes with the entries of Brandt and Havertz, respectively at the place of Gnabry and Müller.

22:21 – Percussion of Sané

Sané hits in the center of the field and impales Pavard. The Inter Milan full-back covers the ball which goes like a bell until it reaches the goal. this Maignan seizes it.

At 25 meters, Tchouaméni physically resists the attack. his defender and manages to cross a shot at; level with the ground. She is well placed but Ter Stegen relaxes to his right and turns away from the glove.

22:14 – Kolo Muani too short

While Germany was positioned very high to prevent the French recovery, Griezmann got out of the pressing and opened to attack. left on Hernandez. The full-back brings the ball up and waits for the right moment to deliver a perfect cross between the goal and the defenders. At the far post, Kolo Muani is very close to being able to throw himself to catch it but he is missing a little bit of the ball. the former Nantes player to achieve this.

22:13 – Griezmann imprecise

After a lucky press on Süle, Griezmann tries to throw Kolo Muani from the halfway line but the French captain does not brush his ball properly and returns it to the ball. the opposing defense.


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