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Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

Always thinner and ever more powerful, Apple's iPad Pro is now moving forward. the M4 chip for its 2024 vintage. We were able to try it in preview and were not impressed. disappointed.

It's been almost two years since Apple unveiled its newest device. and released a new iPad. The firm finally announced not one, but two models now available: the iPad Air boosté by the M2 chip and the iPad Pro with its M4 chip. Announced as "the thinnest device ever released by Apple", this new iPad Pro is therefore the first product from the firm & equip yourself with an M4 chip for great performance worthy of a tablet dedicated to professionals.

We were able to try out the iPad Pro M4 (2024) in preview on the sidelines of its global release. The perfect opportunity to check if Apple had succeeded in achieving this. offer one of the best tablets available on the market.

Editor's note: This review was completed by fully realizedé à from a loaned copy; by the brand.

Design: finesse à Pro state

This is one of the most highlighted new features by Apple concerning its iPad Pro M4: “the thinnest Apple product ever designed” u." If we must put aside the famous rag of the firm, it is clear that this iPad Pro M4 is indeed the finest product from the Cupertino company. At just 5.1 mm thick, Apple's new professional tablet is thinner and lighter than ever when in use. ;e on a daily basis. If these dimensions remain impressive, we still hope that Apple will stick to this. these and retains the current very good handling provided by the iPad Pro M4.

Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

The iPad Pro M4 is thin and sees its camera moved to landscape format. © Julian Madiot/Apple

At the front, our copy of the iPad Pro M4 is equipped with an 11-inch panel which remains ideal for viewing content and being used. oacute; daily. Fans of slightly larger screens will appreciate its 13-inch version more, especially to use it as a second Mac screen or or replacement of a computer. However, its borders remain quite thick when placed side by side. coast before other products from the firm like the iPhone. Little novelty : the front camera is now placed to encourage viewing. landscape use rather than portrait. Nothing surprising as it is common to have a cover or Magic Keyboard type support for the keyboard. iPad. This allows for better visibility. during Facetime calls since you will no longer have to look to the side left side of your tablet.

The edges and back of the iPad Pro M4 have a beautiful matte coating effect, but which is unfortunately not very resistant to fingerprints during regular use. Regularly wipe with a cloth or avoid too intensive handling without a suitable protective cover.

For this test, we had the new Magic Keyboard launched; at the same time as the new iPad Pro and which gives an even more professional look to your iPad. the Apple tablet. The latter still has very powerful magnets to attach the iPad to it as well as a keyboard extremely similar to that of the iPad. that of the latest Macbooks. A real pleasure à use, whether for occasional or professional activities. If we really had to be nitpicky, we would mention the weight of the keyboard which, added to the weight of the keyboard, adds to the weight of the keyboard. à that of the iPad Pro M4, makes it a relatively heavy machine. transport in relation to &agrav; a Macbook Air.

Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

© Julian Madiot/Apple

The first OLED screen on iPad is a real success

This is one of the biggest new releases reserved for players. the iPad Pro M4: the very first Apple tablet with an OLED screen. We should even say two screens since Apple is innovating by unveiling a new technology which superimposes two OLED panels one on top of the other in order to ;offer better performance. Called "OLED in tandem", this technology allows "OLED in tandem" The iPad Pro M4 has great touch precision and high contrast.

We have almost nothing to spare. to say again on this side; : The screen of the iPad Pro M4 is dazzling. is very well calibrated and we never felt any sore eyes or lack of readability. during our test week. The blacks are extremely deep and the colors very well transcribed. There are many screens and it is difficult to find something to do. reproach à the OLED panel of the iPad Pro M4. We could possibly complain about the reflection of the screen which is still quite high. iPad Pro M4 with a matte screen is however offered. by Apple, but &agrav; a high rate. We therefore hope that future versions of the iPad Pro will benefit from this treatment for the entire range.

Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

© Julian Madiot/Apple

Ever more advanced performance

Who the iPad Pro is really intended for ? To answer é This question, we preferred to answer this question. give a quick summary of the current range of iPads available on the Apple website.

  • The classic iPad (10th gen) is the entry level which is mainly aimed at the general public wishing to view content like Netflix and YouTube.
  • The iPad mini (6th gen) is ideal for those who want a smaller screen and a little more power than the classic iPad .
  • The iPad Air (M2) is a little more powerful than a classic iPad.
  • The iPad Pro (M4) is intended for mobile users. for sound and image professionals who want to benefit from the best Apple chip on a tablet.

We must therefore keep in mind that the iPad Pro M4 is not really intended for use in mobile applications. to the general public, even if the latter would certainly be very satisfied with the Apple tablet. This is why the 2024 iPad Pro has excellent performance as evidenced by our benchmarks launched on our test copy.

Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

© Julian Madiot/Apple

Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

© Julian Madiot/Apple

Unsurprisingly, the iPad Pro M4 explodes previous results dominated by devices like the iPhone 15 Pro or the iPad Pro M4. iPad Pro M2. The general public will not necessarily find what they are looking for (the previous iPad Pros were already sufficiently powerful for daily use (even with video games), but professionals will benefit from much better execution speed for processing and saving their projects such as 3D files, drawings or musical compositions. However, we have some reservations about the heating which can be very pronounced when the iPad Pro M4 is used a lot. ;eacute; (especially on a game like Honkai: Star Rail with the graphics &at background).

However, these enormous performances are blocked in the face of a question: can an iPad Pro replace a Macbook or any other laptop ? In fact, the use of the Magic Keyboard coupled with the iPad Pro M4 is enough for you. simulate a professional environment. The machine is powerful and has many applications that can be used for work. In reality, the price of such a tablet + mouse combo is very close to the price of a Macbook Air, we would rather tend to buy it. advise the latter.

We were also able to test the new Apple Pencil Pro. The latter notably includes several features that will delight budding sketchers with, for example, the addition of the function of rotation of the pencil when you draw on an application. Very practical when using a very thick brush! Another more anecdotal function: the addition of a drop shadow from the Apple Pencil Pro when the latter approaches the screen. Finally, it is possible to find the Apple Pencil Pro within the "Locate" if you came &agrav; park it. Rather practical. Too bad, however, that the latter is only intended for the new iPad Pro M4 and the new iPad Air M2.

Very good autonomy for a recharge that takes its time

A tablet à intended for professionals must have good autonomy in order to be used for a long time, especially during travel. Good news: the iPad Pro M4 totally won us over during our week of testing and we never felt a cruel lack of battery on the Apple tablet.

Getting started with the iPad Pro M4 (2024): Apple refines its perfection

© Julian Madiot/Apple

The iPad Pro M4 lasted between 15 and 17 hours during our test days. Applications like Genshin Impact, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Final Cut or Honkai : Star Rail. So a mix of fairly resource-intensive applications and others that are rather simple & run which allowed us to take advantage of the iPad's capabilities for a little over a day before going through a recharge.

And that's it. one of the downsides of the iPad Pro M4: its charging speed. In addition to the fact that no charger is provided in the box, Apple's latest professional tablet recharges very slowly. 2 hours to go from 0 à 100% with the cable included in the box and a compatible charging block.

Our conclusion of the iPad Pro M4 test

Once again, Apple sticks to this its recipe by taking the good ideas from its previous professional tablets and improving certain points. If the previous iPad Pro already had excellent performance, these are quickly surpassed by those of the new iPad Pro of 2024.

However, the iPad Pro M4 still rubs well and truly against the odds. his predecessor and we would rather tend to advise the latter whose price has fallen significantly; since its release. Professional graphic designers will, however, appreciate the acquisition of the new iPad Pro M4 coupled with the new iPad Pro M4. to the new Apple Pencil Pro. More "casual" will find, as for à them, their account with a less powerful iPad like the main range or the iPad Air.

All that remains is the iPad Pro, which amazes with its finesse and performance likely to encourage many professionals to use it. replace their laptop with the Apple tablet. On condition, however, that you can support the fairly massive weight of the new Magic Keyboard compared to the previous one. lightweight PCs like a Macbook Air.

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