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Ghent-Wevelgem 2024: Pedersen beats van der Poel in a breathtaking duel! The race summary

Mathieu van der Poel bowed in Ghent-Wevelgem this Sunday March 24 after a breathtaking sprint against the odds. Mads Pedersen. The Dane won the Flandrian classic for the second time in his career.

16:35 – Meeus completes the podium

After Pedersen's victory ahead of van der Poel in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024, the peloton fought to complete the podium. The Belgian Jordi Meeus was é the strongest and wins the peloton sprint.

16:30 – Pedersen still crowned; !

The Dane won Ghent-Wevelgem for the second time in his career and impressed. today ahead of the big favorite of the day Mathieu van der Poel. 

THE DANISH LANCE OF TR& ;Egrave;S AWAY THE SPRINT AND STANDS FACE THE RETURN OF VAN DER POEL! Mads Pedersen inflicts a snub on world champion Mathieu van der Poel who was the big favorite. 

16:24 – The red flame! (1km)

The long-awaited duel is going to take place! van der Poel and Pedersen look at each other as they pass the red flame. 

16:20 – The last five kilometerè tres (5')

Pedersen and van der Poel are on the right track and heading towards a final explanation in this Ghent-Wevelgem. They have 50" in advance. 

16:15 – The last 10 kilometers (10km)

We get to the heart of the matter in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. Pedersen and van der Poel have always a minute ahead of the peloton which is going hard. 

16:11 – The faces are marked; s (12km)

Will Mads Pedersen and Mathieu van der Poel resist the return of the peloton ? The latter is à a little over a minute of this leading duo who seems to be suffering. Both faces are marked but the relays are taken. Lots of suspense at the end of Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. 

16:07 – The peloton fights back (17km)< /h3>

Under the leadership of the Soudal-Quick Step team, the peloton gradually takes over the quartet of pursuers who are behind them. 1'10" by Pedersen and van der Poel. 

16:00 – Pithie taken back (21km)

The New Zealander is caught up by the trio Turner, Page and Turgis. The peloton is not too far behind and should be able to come back as well. 

15:56 – Pithie distanced (26km)

The New Zealander fell for it. and sees his two former companions running away. the front of this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. It has 50" behind and sees the third group composed of by Page, Turner and Turgis. 

15:55 – The peloton looks at each other a little (28km)

This end of Ghent-Wevelgem becomes particularly complicated for the peloton which seems completely disorganized. This benefits the leading duo. 

15:51 – Turgis joins Page and Turner (31km)< /h3>

The Frenchman joins his compatriot and the Briton for the last 30 kilometers of this Ghent-Wevelgem. They are one minute behind the van der Poel-Pedersen duo. 

15:48 – The peloton is far away now (33km )

The victory of this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 should be decided between Pedersen and van der Poel who are doing a hell of a lot. number in front. Despite everything, Pithie regains hope in the descent and could play spoilsport. 

15:46 – Pedersen acc&amp Light still (34km)

The Dane seems to be in great form in this Ghent-Wevelgem and takes van der Poel on his wheel but the world champion seems to be suffering a little. Pithie completely cracked. 

15:43 – A Frenchman still stands out from the peloton (37km)

Anthony Turgis left on a potato hunt behind the Turner-Page duo who were relayed by &agrav; 28" delay of the lead trio composed of by van der Poel, Pedersen and Pithie. 

15:38 – A new hunting group (41km)

New riders are leaving the peloton behind in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. The Frenchman Hugo Page is accompaniedé by Ben Turner. 

15:29 – Trentin wants to come back (45km)

The Italian went chasing behind the group of three leading men in this Ghent-Wevelgem.

15:27 – A new fall (48km)

Aimé De Gendt fellé and seems touched &agrav; the shoulder. The Belgian will certainly be forced to give up in this Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. 

15:25 – 50 kilometers remaining (50km)

The leading group passes below the 50 kilometer mark in this Ghent-Wevelgem. Still three men &agrav; the front. Pedersen, van der Poel and Pithie lead the way. 

15:22 – A fall in the peloton! (51km)

On the descent of Mount Kemmel Alex Kirsch repeats too early exiting a turn and making a sun. He didn's leadé the fall of no other runner. 

15:21 – Return to Mount Kemmel (52km)

The lead group has just started the second ascent of Mount Kemmel in this Ghent-Wevelgem. Pedersen is already resumed while the peloton comes back hard behind. 

15:19 – Pedersen insists (54km)

The Dane seems to have legs and certainly wants to send a signal à its direct competitor in this Ghent-Wevelgem. He attacks again and takes a slight lead. van der Poel does not seem very worried. 

15:17 – Milan not far from cracking (54km)

Pedersen's acceleration almost gets the better of his own teammate who ends up breaking down in the team group&eacute; ecirc;te of this Ghent-Wevelgem before returning as best I can. 

15:12 – 45" ahead (57km)

The peloton is almost a minute behind the leading group à soon 50 kilometers from arrival. 

15:07 – Milan recaptured (62km)

van der Poel did a lot of work and brought back Milan. Pithie and Pedersen at the head of the race which was led by Milan. The breakaway now includes four riders in this Ghent-Wevelgem. 


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