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Giro 2024: things are happening everywhere, the riders are facing the biggest difficulties, the 2nd stage live

This Sunday the second stage of the Giro 2024 takes place. After more than a hundred kilometers of economy, the runners tackle the biggest part of the stage. There is movement à the front but also in the peloton.

The essentials

  • The second stage of this Giro 2024 is between San Francesco al Campo and the Santuario di Oropa (Biella). 161km long, the height difference is total is 2300m. Andrea Piccolo lost company to the leading group and found himself alone. There is also some damage in the peloton.
  • In the general classification, Jhonatan Narvaez therefore takes on the pink jersey of leader of this 2024 Giro.
  • Jhonatan Narvaez won the first stage of the Giro 2024 Turin. He beat the German Max Schachmann and the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar.


16:37 – The chasing group caught up (15km)

Marcellusi and Scaroni are caught by the peloton which also comes back on the impressive Andrea Piccolo who tries to resist against the Ineos wagon. 

16:34 – Marcellusi has returned (18.5km)

He had been released in the ascent of the Nelva but comes back to Scaroni on the descent. 

16:33 – The last 20 kilom& egrave;tres (20km)

This second stage of the Giro 2024 is coming soon. its term. The peloton gradually moves back up to Andrea Piccolo alone at the head. The latter has 1'43" in advance. Scaroni is interspersed with but turns around regularly and sees the platoon being taken away. by Ineos. 

16:29 – Piccolo en tête à la Nelva (23.5km)

The one who is at the head of this second stage of the Giro 2024, has just changed at the top of Nelva. Scaroni, alone behind, is at the front. 1'10". 

16:28 – Finished for Bais (24km)

He was é in the breakaway of the day in this Giro 2024. Davide Bais has just been caught by the peloton which has 2' behind Piccolo. 

Catastrophic start to Giro 2024 for Domenico Pozzovivo who fell like yesterday. In addition to that, he brokeé his chain and must therefore change bikes in the middle of the second climb of the day. 

16:25 – Scaroni's acceleration (25.3km)

New attack in the pursuing group. Scaroni accelerates, puts down Davide Bais but is closely followed by Marcellusi. 

16:23 – The group of pursuers soon recaptured (25.5km)

The three Italians chasing Andrea Piccolo did not more than 30" ahead of the peloton which necessarily accelerates in the second difficulty. of this second stage of this Giro 2024.  

16:17 – Piccolo in the Nelva (28.5km)

The leading runner has 1'30" ahead of the chasing group and 2'30" on the peloton in this second stage of the Giro 2024 as he begins the second climb of the day. 

16:12 – Ineos finds the front of the peloton (32.5km)

Afterès having lefté orders à UAE, the Ineos team is back at home at the front of the peloton in this second stage of the Giro 2024. They have 2'30" behind only Piccolo in the lead. 

16:05 – Piccolo switches to the lead ( 38.5km)

The Italian made a very good climb and took the lead in the climb of Oasi Zegna with 1' ahead of the three pursuers (Scaroni, Bais and Marcellusi) and 2'26" ahead of Wood intercalated; in front of the peloton which points &agrav; 3'. 

16:01 – Wood's anticipation (39.5km)

Harrison Wood from Cofidis left the peloton before the end of the first ascent of this second stage of the Giro 2024. He is trying to find the group of pursuers. 

16:00 – Piccolo's beautiful number (41km)

The Italian took off like a rocket. at the front of the race and regains a lead over the chasing group (40) and the peloton (238). 

15:59 – Alreadyà from the scrapyard (42km)

The first ascent is already there. a lot of damage in this second stage of the Giro 2024. Tadej Pogacar's team is leading the way at the head of the peloton. ;

It seems quite light and fortunately. The Hungarian champion, Atilla Valter, left as did Kevin Vermaerke who was also involved. 

15:55 – Fiorelli à the effort (43km)

The leader in the Cyclamen jersey has done his part of the job in this second stage of the Giro 2024 and is falling behind by his hunting companions. 

15:53 ​​- The first ascent begins (44km)

We're getting into the tough stuff for the riders in this second stage of the Giro 2024. Andrea Piccolo begins the first climb of the day with the Oasi Zegna (col category 3). 

15:48 – Piccolo tries a shot (47.5km)

The Italian from EF left his companions in the escape and took around thirty seconds ahead before the first difficulty. of this second stage of the Giro 2024. 

15:44 – Ewan snatches two points (52 ,5km)

In the peloton, the Australian wins the intergiro sprint ahead of Van Poppel. 

15:43 – 1'40" delay (53.5km)

The peloton is in the process of swallowing up the five riders from the breakaway in this second stage of the 2024 Giro. you shouldn't last much longer. 

Davide Bais attacks à the approach of the Crocemosso intergiro but Filippo Fiorelli does not let himself be surprised and takes the lead and therefore pockets 12 more points for the Cyclamen and 3" bonus. 

15:38 – Bastien Tronchon in difficultyé (56km)

This intermediate sprint which arrives in this second stage of the Giro 2024 is placed at the top of a hill and it hurts the Frenchman from the Décathlon AG2R La Mondiale team. 

15:32 – The intergiro arrives (59km)

In addition to the intermediate sprint, this season marks the return of the intergiro. The escape is just around the corner. four kilometers to pass that of Crocemosso in this second stage of the Giro 2024. Fiorelli should take the lead, once again. 

Four runners wereé caught in a fall &agrav; behind the peloton in a turn. Jumbo Visma team sprinter Olav Kooij is notably involved. Zana, Dunbar and Conci are also involved. 

15:26 – The advance of the&eacute ;escape collapses (63km)

While the main difficulties of the day remain in this second stage of the Giro 2024, the peloton is accelerating and is at full speed. 2'25" late. 


The Giro d'Italia will follow the spring season and depart on May 4. The finish is scheduled three weeks later, at ; know May 26. 

The start of the Giro 2024 will be at Venaria Reale in the suburbs of Turin, near the Juventus Stadium. Arrival will be at Rome. Here is the list of steps:

  • 1st stage, May 4: Venaria Reale-Torino, 136km
  • 2nd stage, May 5: San Francesco al Campo-Santuario di Oropa, 150km
  • 3rd stage, May 6: Novara-Fossano, 165km
  • 4th stage, May 7: Acqui Terme-Andora, 187km
  • 5th stage, May 8: Genova-Lucca, 176km
  • 6th stage, May 9: Viareggio-Rapolano Terme, 177km
  • 7th stage, May 10: Foligno-Perugia, 37.2km (time trial)
  • 8th stage, May 11: Spoleto-Prati di Tivo, 153km
  • 9th stage, May 12: Allezzano-Naples, 206km
  • Day of rest, May 13
  • 10th stage, May 14: Pompei-Cusano Mutri (Bocca della Selva), 141km
  • 11th stage, May 15: Foiano di Val Fortore-Francavilla al Mare, 203km
  • 12th stage, May 16: Martinsicuro-Fano, 183km
  • 13th stage, May 17: Riccione-Cento, 179km
  • 14th stage, May 18: Castiglione delle Stiviere-Desenzano del Garda, 31km (time trial)
  • 15th stage, May 19: Manerba del Garda-Livigno (Mottolino), 220km
  • Day of rest, May 20
  • 16th stage, May 21: Livigno-Santa Cristina Val Gardena (Monte Pana), 202km
  • 17th stage, May 22: Selva di Val Gardena-col Brocon, 154km
  • 18th stage, May 23: Fiera di Primiero-Padua, 166km
  • 19th stage, May 24: Mortegliano-Cima Sappada, 154km
  • 20th stage, May 25: Alpago-Bassano del Grappa, 175km
  • 21st stage, May 26: Rome-Rome, 126km

Here is the route map for this Giro 2024:

Giro 2024: things are happening everywhere, the riders are facing the biggest difficulties, the 2nd stage live

© Giro d'Italia

What TV broadcast for the Tour of Italy ?

The Tour of Italy is broadcast live and in full on the Eurosport antennas. The race can be followed on Eurosport 1, Eurosport.fr as well as on the applications Eurosport and GCN. Each step will be accompanied by a presentation and a brief of the  "Kings of the Pé dale", animated successively by G&raldine Weber and Lesly Boitrel. The race will be as for à she commented by Guillaume Di Grazia and Jacky Durand, joined in turn   tour by Steve Chainel, David Moncouti&eac;, Philippe Gilbert, Audrey Cordon Ragot.

What are the winners of the Tour of Italy ?

Here are the results of the last 15 years of the Giro d'Italia, called the Giro d'Italia. Giro d'Italia. 

  • 2023: P. Roglic
  • 2022: J. Hindley
  • 2021: E .Bernal
  • 2020 : T. Geoghegan Hart
  • 2019: R. Carapaz
  • 2018: C. Froome
  • 2017: T. Dumoulin
  • 2016: V. Nibali
  • 2015: A. Contador
  • 2014: N. Quintana
  • 2013: V. Nibali
  • 2012: R. Hesjedal
  • 2011: Mr. Scarponi
  • 2010: I. Basso
  • 2009: D. Menchov
  • 2008: A. Contador
  • 2007: D. Di Luca
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