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Go out without worrying about the weather: these clothes adapt to all temperatures!

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Researchers from Nankai University in China have published an article in the prestigious journal Sciences. This describes technology integrated into clothing that would give it the ability to adapt to all weather conditions. Thermoregulating clothing powered by solar energy that could automatically warm or cool the wearer.

A revolutionary technology for comfort

The first tests carried out have so far proven very satisfactory results. When these were worn at 38°C, under very strong sunlight, the wearer felt only 28°C. Conversely, when tested in the middle of the night, the clothing maintained a feeling of 22°C even though the surrounding temperature was 12°C.

How the device works? The garment actually integrates a series of photovoltaic panels, which then power electro-calorific plates. These automatically adjust the internal temperatureclothing depending on external conditions. If other projects of the same type had already been designed (like this one from the University of California (UC) San Diego), the automatic nature of the Nankai researchers' system is a first.

The biggest challenge the researchers faced was being able to miniaturize and incorporate their system so that -this does not compromise the comfort of the garment nor its practicality. Result: their technology is thin and flexible enough to be integrated into clothing.

For the moment, the current appearance of the garment still betrays its technical nature. Solar panels, to function, must be visible. This is also the case for certain other electronic components. However, we must see this project more as an iteration, a rather promising first step leading to an implementation which will perhaps be more discreet in the future .

A fairly telling example is that of waterproof clothing. Let's not forget that these were, before the 1960s and 1970s, quite heavy and bulky. It was at this time that special membranes and coatings were developed (such as Gore-tex, invented in 1969) which made it possible to produce lightweight and comfortable clothing. Perhaps these temperature-regulating garments will follow a similar trajectory. In any case, the objective of the researchers is not to revolutionize the world of fashion, as you will have understood, but rather to offer a solution to people who face changing and restrictive weather conditions. Hikers or scientists on an expedition for example.

  • Researchers from Nankai University have developed a new type of thermoregulating clothing.
  • These adapt the wearer's temperature automatically.
  • They work thanks to solar panels which power electro-calorific plates.

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