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Google announces 2 big changes for access to your account< /p> © Lemon squeezer

Your Google password is probably one of the most important. If you use the Android ecosystem, this is essential for accessing your files stored in the cloud, the company's services (such as YouTube, Google Docs, etc.), but also other saved passwords. And this week, the firm is announcing two important changes that will transform the way you access this Google account. These are updates that will encourage you to use passkey technology or access keys, instead of the traditional password, to log in.

As a reminder, passkey is a technology that relies on a cryptographic key system to identify a user, instead of entering a password. And like Apple, Google is in favor of its adoption. Since May, the firm has allowed you to use passkeys instead of passwords to log in to your Google account. And this week, it takes a further step by applying this new technology by default to personal accounts.

The beginning of the end of passwords

“We We have received very positive feedback from our users. That’s why today we’re making passwords even more accessible by offering them as a default option on personal Google accounts”, explains the firm. Concretely, the next time you log in to your Google account, the connection interface will include a message that invites you to generate an access key on the device. And thanks to this key, you won't need to enter the password next time. In addition, Google will also activate by default the “Ignore password if possible” option.This is visible in your account settings and can be deactivated.

Google announces 2 big changes for access to your account

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In any case, Google is very committed to promoting this new authentication method. Instead of entering an old-fashioned password, the user simply needs to do verification on a fingerprint scanner, or another locking method available on their device (PIN, facial recognition, etc.), to prove that he is in possession of the access key. According to the firm, this password-free connection is 40% faster.

A more secure solution  ?

Using access keys protects you from phishing attacks. It is also a more secure solution for people who tend to use passwords that are too weak, in order to remember them easily. For these reasons, Google's goal is to make the use of passwords rare. But in the long term, the firm wants to make these obsolete.

In any case, in the coming months, you will probably be invited to adopt access keys on more and more services in line. And by the way, Google is pleased that today it is already possible to use password login on a variety of online products and services, including Uber and eBay.

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  • Google is all about access keys, a technology intended to replace passwords
  • For connecting to a Google account, the firm will now suggest the creation of these keys, and activate the “Ignore password if possible” option by default
  • In addition to simplifying the connection to online accounts, access keys also have advantages in terms of security
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