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Google is considering making the biggest acquisition in its history

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Regularly, tech giants make multi-billion dollar acquisitions in order to strengthen their products. However, none of Google's previous acquisitions are as big as the acquisition of HubSpot that the firm is considering, according to new rumors. Indeed, in an article published this week, Reuters indicates that according to its sources, Alphabet, Google's parent company, is discussing with its advisors the possibility of buying HubSpot for $35 billion.

A historic acquisition for Google

HubSpot is not a company that is well known to the general public. But it is a major player in marketing, listed on the stock exchange, which offers inbound marketing, sales and customer service software to large companies. HubSpot's products would complement those of Google in the field of advertising, but also in the cloud. However, Reuters sources indicate that at this time, Google has not yet officially made any offers. And at this stage, it is possible that the project will fall through. On the other hand, as the information has not yet been confirmed, caution remains in order.

Quoted by Reuters, a HubSpot representative declared: “As standard practice, HubSpot does not comment on rumors or speculation. We continue to focus on building a great business and serving our customers.”

Regulatory hurdles to overcome

In addition, an acquisition of this size would necessarily be closely monitored by regulators, whether in the United States or Europe. However, according to Reuters, to convince these regulators, Google could declare that a purchase of HubSpot by the Mountain View firm would stimulate competition in the field of marketing. Indeed, thanks to this acquisition, Google would be able to compete with major players in the market, such as Salesforce or Microsoft. In any case, as part of its discussions with its advisors, Google would evaluate both the offer it could submit, but also the probability that a possible deal would obtain the green light from regulators.

  • According to Reuters, Google is in discussions with advisors to assess the possibility of buying the HubSpot company
  • Google, however, has not yet submitted a buyout offer
  • But, the deal could be worth 35 billion dollars, if there is a buyout
  • It would then be Google's largest acquisition since its creation

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