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Google Maps improves to make life easier for electric car drivers

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Alphabet owns both Waze and Google Maps as mapping applications, while maintaining separate development and management of the two applications – which also comes in a slightly different variant for the Android Auto infotainment system. If you own an electric car, you have probably noticed a shortcut to finding free charging stations more quickly.

However, Google forgot to put this shortcut in the smartphone application – despite the usefulness of this version to allow Google Maps navigation, from a passenger's smartphone or (more rare) in incompatible electric cars. Never mind: the company is in the process of pushing an update that displays the shortcut on the home screen of the home screen# 8217;application, when necessary.

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How Google Maps adapts to electric cars

Of course, don't look for this button to appear if you are driving a thermal vehicle. It is also essential to “say” to Google Maps that you are driving electric, rather than on a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine. This happens in the settings of the mapping application, which can be found by clicking on your photo/avatar to the far right of the search field. Then go to Settings, select Navigation then scroll down to &# 8220;Motorization type”.

From there you just have to choose the motorization Electric. You can also specify the type of sockets and charging ports compatible with your vehicle. The button should normally appear on the home page, in the 2nd or 3rd place in the banner just under the application search field. A priori, the change is already live on the Android version of the application – it is currently rolling out to the iOS/iPhone variant of Google Maps. We are talking about a server-side modification – It is not necessary to update the Google Maps application. Another new feature currently being deployed: a better street display.

On the web version, searching for a street causes it to be highlighted in blue to better show you its entire length. This behavior should be replicated in the coming days in Google Maps mobile applications. Enough to contribute to both greater clarity and a unification of the user experience across platforms. It remains to be seen for how much longer Google will maintain Maps and Waze as two separate applications – the main difference of the latter being for the moment that Waze is more oriented around crowdsourcing, and is less adapted to pedestrian journeys (no bicycle mode, nor public transport).

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  • Google Maps (mobile) is evolving with the addition of two very useful little new features.
  • The first makes it easier to find electric charging stations from the home screen.
  • While the second allows more clarity in the ;#8217;display of streets, when searching.
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