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Google Podcasts will stop working in France after this date

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The Google Podcasts application on Android has largely contributed to popularizing podcast listening around the world. Indeed, before the arrival of this app, the format was especially popular among iPhone users, who benefited from a pre-installed app dedicated to podcasts. But Google aims to make podcasts as popular on Android as they are on iOS. And thanks to the launch of Google Podcasts, this goal has been achieved.

However, today, Google is changing its strategy. Instead of offering podcasts on a dedicated application, the Mountain View firm wants to bring together music listening experiences and podcasts on a single application: YouTube Music. At the end of 2023, the firm announced the end of the Google Podcasts application in the United States. And since April 2, the app no ​​longer works across the Atlantic.

In the rest of the world, Google Podcasts still works, but it's only a a matter of time. Indeed, after ending this application in the United States, Google is preparing to end it in the rest of the world. “After April 2, 2024, users in the United States will no longer be able to listen to podcasts in Google Podcasts. After June 24, 2024, this will be the case for all users in all regions”, we can indeed read in a support page of the firm.

Another application joins Google's graveyard

Regularly, Google kills products or services either because they are not popular enough , or because there is a duplicate. As for Google Podcasts, it's a popular app, but Google wants to centralize podcast listening on its YouTube Music app.

< em>“Looking ahead to 2024, we will increase our investments in the podcast experience on YouTube Music, making it a better overall destination for fans and podcasters with unique YouTube features within the community, discovery and audiovisual switching. Later in 2024, as part of this process, we will stop Google Podcasts”, the firm indicated in December.

  • Google buries its Google Podcasts app on Android
  • On April 2, the app stopped working in the United States and it will stop working in the rest of the world on June 24
  • Google is not abandoning podcasts, but it prefers to centralize the listening experience on the YouTube application Music

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