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Google will finally launch this feature that has been waiting for several years on smartphones

Android smartphone owners have been waiting for an update for years. day à coming very soon.

If the battle between Apple and Android is subject à After much debate online, it is generally agreed that messages on iOS are often better than their Android equivalents. These famous blue chat bubbles are even subject to damage. much mockery from some iPhone owners, since they allow several very practical features.

Messages on an Android smartphone are convenient, but don't have as many updates. up to date and features than those on an iPhone. A fact which is likely to change in the coming weeks if we are to believe the information from the TheSpAndroid blog!

These experts, specializing in new functionalities, are designed to help you with your needs. coming to Android, have spotted a future update long-awaited day for messages on Android smartphone. The latter is even so obvious that one might wonder why it has not been mentioned. integrated years ago!

According to TheSpAndroid's research, Google is preparing to do so. finally add the possibilityé unedit messages already posted sent on the "Messages" which equips all Android smartphones. It will be enough to keep your recently sent message up to date. and select "éedit message" to correct it.

Although the functionality is currently present in the future update. day of "Messages", the latter does not work yet. There is strong &agrav; bet that the developers of the application are still working on it at this time. the time when we write these lines. TheSpAndroid experts, however, noticed that: that, if the function is not activated for your recipients, they will receive your edited message. as a new message.

It's still difficult to know when this update will be released. What day will arrive on our smartphones and what will be the related restrictions. Can we, for example, modify a message sent? several weeks ago ? Or will we have a period of time to be able to modify our message ? You will have to wait until '' Google's official announcement to learn more.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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