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Google will invest an astronomical sum in AI

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At the end of March, a rumor circulated about a $100 billion project, which could be launched by Microsoft and OpenAI. Called Stargate, this project would consist of building a data center that would include a supercomputer, as well as specialized chips, in order to power OpenAI models. This rumor, which was launched by the site The Information, has not been confirmed.

But in any case, Google indicates, for its part, that in the long term, its investments in AI will exceed these 100 billion dollars. According to a Bloomberg article, Demis Hassabis, the CEO of DeepMind (the AI ​​branch of Google) was questioned about the Stargate project during a TED conference in Vancouver.

His response: “We don't talk about our specific numbers, but I think we invest more over time”. Hassabis also claimed that Google today has more computing power than its rivals, including Microsoft. Moreover, this would be the reason why DeepMind decided to partner with Google (Google bought DeepMind in 2014).

Google’s AI is being deployed little by little

As a reminder, Google already has a competitor to ChatGPT, called Gemini. And currently, the Mountain View firm is in the process of integrating this technology throughout its ecosystem. On its Workspace suite, Google continues to announce new features based on generative AI to help businesses boost their productivity.

On smartphones, Google is working on an integration of Gemini, as an assistant, for Android. Gemini will also improve the experience on apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, etc. And currently, the firm is already testing a new version of its search engine which combines traditional results with answers generated by AI.

In any case, the The fact that Google is willing to invest more than $100 billion shows just how important AI is to tech giants.

  • Recently, a rumor mentioned a $100 billion project, from Microsoft and OpenAI, for a data center equipped with a supercomputer for artificial intelligence
  • < li>For his part, a Google executive has just indicated that over time, the firm's investments in AI will exceed $100 billion

  • Google already has a ChatGPT competitor called Gemini which it is gradually integrating into its products and services

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