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Google's Gemini AI and ChatGPT soon integrated into iPhones ?

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While we impatiently await the recipe found by Apple to integrate more AI into its smartphones, information reported by Bloomberg indicates that the firm is currently in discussions with Google and OpenAI.

According to the economic daily which relies on sources close to the matter, Apple and Google are “in active negotiations” to allow the Gemini models developed by Google to run in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple is negotiating with Google and OpenAI around their LLM models

All of this, from what we understand to deploy new features which should arrive on the entire fleet of supported iPhones a a little later this year. As for the negotiations between Apple and OpenAI, the objective would be the same.

And we are curious to know, then, what will differentiate the experience of AI on iPhone from that shown, for example, by Samsung with Galaxy AI on its latest smartphones Galaxy S24.

Among other things, we expect a lot from Apple on local execution, given that the firm seems to particularly care for its reputation on the side of private life – the most complete current models necessarily involve execution in the cloud, like GPT-4 or Dall-E from OpenAI.

Google, its side seeks, with the Gemini models, to reduce the size of the most efficient LLM models, to integrate them directly into smartphones. Another question: we wonder if the models in question could not benefit Siri.

Like all voice assistants on smartphones, Siri suffers from capacity – and an understanding of queries – often limited. For example, how many times does Siri not redirect its users to a web search, just because it didn't quite understand which artist you were talking about, or the lamp you were talking about? try to turn it off.

The firm should, we hope, give more insight into its intentions in this matter soon. Even if there is reason to be a little worried not to have seen a lot of indiscretions surrounding the future capabilities of the iPhone at this stage.

Apart from perhaps the acquisition of Darwin AI, specialized in reducing the size of the most advanced LLM models. If Bloomberg is correct on the timeline, Apple needs to push an AI update by the end of the year. Too short a time frame to really differentiate itself from what already exists on Android ?

  • According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently in active negotiations with Google but also OpenAI, around the arrival of their LLM models on iPhone.
  • The details are not known at this stage – this could be to simply allow more functionality around these models, or to fully integrate them into the iOS user experience.
  • The The deadlines mentioned by Bloomberg seem in any case far too short to allow the firm to differentiate itself from what Google and Samsung already offer on their high-end devices.

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