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Great sunshine in these departments this weekend, depression for everyone else!

The Pentecost weekend will be much less summery than the previous ones, but some French people will still be able to enjoy the same weekend. sunny weather.

This year, spring will have for the moment been summer. particularly gloomy, between episodes of rain, hail or storms. make your way between all the clouds. And the trend does not seem to want to change: for this new long weekend of Pentecost, you will have to be in the right place, at the right time, if you want to enjoy the sun. Because everywhere else, showers and storms will be present. 

Saturday will be marked by showers across the country. Only the Isle of Beauty will be affected by rain. and a small part of the south of France will be spared. In the morning, the west of the country should be largely covered in fog and the first storms of the day will be for Nantes and La Rochelle. ;nbsp;The weather will be cool, continuing with the warm weather. of the week, La Chain Météo announces temperatures between 8 and 12°C in France and 14  for Corsica. Saturday afternoon, the showers present over the Atlantic basin and the eastern borders are getting worse This will take place across the entire country except in the departments bordering the Mediterranean, where the weather will remain dry and sunny. Thunderstorms are also present. expected over a significant part of the country. The lucky ones, in the south, will be able to enjoy temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C, but for others, the 18°C ​​level should be around 20°C. nbsp;difficult to be passed.

Great sunshine in these departments this weekend, depression for everyone else!

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Sunday will not be much different from the day before. Stormy disturbances will be the majority in the country. The first of them should arrive in Biarritz and will normally reach three quarters of the country by late morning. Across all of the southern departments and the northern tip, we should gain 1. 2°C compared to à Saturday and the maximum will be for Montélimar with 24°C.

The sun should nevertheless be present in the departments of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and in those bordering the Mediterranean. In the rest of the country, La Chaine Météo predicts more instability. and slightly lower temperatures, between 19 and 21°C. They will be roughly the same for half of the time. north. Still count 17 à Cherbourg and à Brest. Overall temperatures will remain below average for mid-May.

For this holiday Monday, "the'instabilityé goes up a notch, announces La Chaine M&eac;t&eac;o,  the cards will be redistributed. For those enjoying a long weekend, it is in the northern regions of France that it will be best to find this times. The morning will certainly be marked by light showers, but the sun should start to shine through. making its way into the northeastern quarter. It will be rather nice around the Paris basin as far as Alsace, but the temperatures will not rise.

In the south-east on the other hand, the stormy showers will return at the beginning of the afternoon, the dry weather of the weekend will give way to ;agrave; the gray  and à the rain of the Basque country   Corsica. Vigilance all the same for the departments of the half of the country. east: thundery showers could eventually appear. temperatures, they remain the same as previous days, between 9 and 17°C in the morning and 18°C ​​in the morning and 18°C ​​in the morning and 18°C ​​in the morning and 18°C ​​in the morning and 18°C ​​in the morning. 23°C for the afternoon.

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