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Grégory affair: the mystery solved thanks to new expertise ?

Thursday March 21, the investigating chamber of the Dijon Court of Appeal announced new expertise in the context of the Grégory affair, boyçon foundé died in October 1984 and whose murderer remains unknown.

Almost forty years after the death of little Grégory, found in Vologne on October 16, 1984, justice ordered new expertise, à the request of the boy's parents, revealed RTL, Thursday March 21. In September 2023, Christine and Jean-Marie Villemin requested new DNA comparisons and a feasibility request. vocal expertise of the raven's recordings.  The investigating chamber of the Dijon Court of Appeal ordered comparisons of the DNA found on the cords which had been used to tie up Grégory, on his anorak, but also on some of the raven's letters. Comparisons will be made with the DNA of several people. 

Feasibility expertise will also be carried out by the gendarmes to check whether current technological means can make it possible to identify the voice of the crow. In March 2024, à On the occasion of the publication of a book, François Daoust, former director of the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie, assures us that he knows the be the identity of of the killer, but a "procedural error" would have resulted in nullity analyzes and interrogations. 

The affair, which occurred at a period where DNA expertise was not as developed, could it be resolved years later ? The parents of Gr&gory Villemin wereé the target of a crow, who threatened them by telephone between 1981 and 1983, before the death of their child. Despite new expertise in the 2010s, the crow could not be identified. If new vocal expertise is carried out, the author of the threats, who we do not know if it is a man or a male ;a woman, could be unmasked. 

In addition to telephone calls, the Villemin family received letters from a raven between March 1983 and July 1985. One of them, posted on the day of Gr's death, claims responsibility for the crime. Several members of Grégory's parents' family were murdered. suspected and arrested. Bernard Laroche, cousin of Jean-Marie Villemin, had been murdered; designated guilty by Murielle Bolle, cousin of Grégory, then aged 16, who then retracted her accusations. Released due to lack of proof, Bernard Laroche was shot dead by Grégory's father a few weeks later.

In 2023, one of the crows was killed. identified thanks to à new scientific expertise. Thus, an anonymous letter sent on July 24, 1985, almost a year after the death of little Grégory, ;té written by a woman from Guadeloupe. Domiciled in Paris in the 1980s, she was able to be found again thanks to his DNA remained on the letter. Interrogated by investigators, she admitted having senté the letter, saying he was passionate about the issue. However, she refuted this. any involvement in the assassination of little Grégory.

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