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Grok AI arrives in France: who can use it and how to do it ?

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As revealed in a post on 𝕏, Grok is arriving in France. The AI ​​developed by xAI, one of Elon Musk's companies, is a generative AI like ChatGPT or Gemini. However, she stands out with a more “sarcastic” and its propensity to answer questions that other AIs normally avoid.

Grok is not free, and requires an X Premium+ subscription. Here's how to access the service.

https://twitter.com/AlexReframe/status/1791044259002438078?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw[/embed ]

Who can use Grok?

Only X Premium+ subscribers on Twitter can currently access Grok. The subscription is available by clicking on the 𝕏 in the left bar on the social network.

The X Premium+ subscription, the most complete , costs €19.20 per month without commitment or the equivalent of €16.80 per month if paid annually. In addition to access to Grok, the subscription removes advertising inserts and gives you access to “Reply boost” the most generous.

The subscription gives you the right to publish entire articles on 𝕏 and gives the right to monetization of your content. Premium+ also delivers the popular badge showing that you are verified. All the benefits of the subscription are detailed on this page.

How to use Grok after subscribing to X Premium+ ?

Immediately after subscribing, a new icon should appear in both the web and mobile versions of the social network. There are two variations of the model: the “Fun mode” delivers answers with a lot of sarcasm and often a touch of vulgarity. The “Regular mode” is much more polite in his responses.

To use Grok, simply click on the icon in the left bar, and enter your prompt as in d& #8217;other generative AI. Grok can do almost everything these do… including helping you write emails, setting up a workout or meal plan, and popularizing complex scientific concepts.

In a later article we will invite you to explore in more detail how to use Grokand the responses that the AI ​​can generate depending on the mode chosen. Unlike ChatGPT, which has just moved to a new Omni model, there is no question yet of allowing things like video recognition, or a real-time Voice Mode.

However, according to the tests of our American colleagues, the capabilities of this AI are encouraging. It remains to be seen whether users who have another subscription to generative AI will be willing to 'put a part back into the machine'. even if it means adding an additional expense every month.

Grok is not, moreover, the most expensive AI on the market. The ChatGPT Plus subscription is billed at €20 per month – while Gemini Advanced is included in the Google One Premium AI subscription billed from €22 per month.

    < li>The official account of IA Grok announces the arrival of the service in France.
  • L’IA, linked intimately with the social network 𝕏, is accessible to X Premium+ subscribers.
  • It is a little less advanced than the latest models from OpenAI and Google, but stands out with a more sarcastic and a greater propensity to answer questions that others prefer to avoid.

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