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Growth in health spending will slow in 2024-2025

Photo: Valérian Mazataud Archives Le Devoir With a budget of $61.9 billion, health represents 41.9% of ministerial portfolio spending for 2024-2025.

Marie-Eve Cousineau in Quebec

March 13, 2024

  • Quebec

No more “very high” health spending growth. The COVID-19 pandemic is behind Quebecers. “We had spending growth rates that were higher than 5% [during the pandemic]. In the future, we will have spending growth rates of around 3% for all portfolios, and this is what will allow us to return to budgetary balance,” said the Minister of Finance. , Eric Girard, at a press conference.

Quebec forecasts an increase in health spending of 4.2% in 2024-2025. A percentage that contrasts with that of 7.7% planned for the 2023-2024 budget.

“There were cost overruns in 2023-2024,” says Eric Girard. However, if expenditures for the year 2023-2024 increase, he explains, “the growth rate for 2024-2025 decreases”. According to the minister, these cost overruns are notably linked to the use of independent labor, as well as the spread of respiratory viruses, which has put pressure on the hospital system.

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The Quebec budget at a glance

With an envelope of $61.9 billion, health represents 41.9% of ministerial portfolio spending for 2024-2025. It remains one of the government’s priorities.

Quebec is investing a sum of nearly $3.7 billion over five years “to support a humane and efficient organization of health care and social services.” Of this amount, 902.5 million is dedicated to accelerating the digital shift (the digital health record); 457 million for “maintaining and developing alternative measures to hospitalization” (such as home convalescent care); 306.5 million for the addition of beds “to meet the growing needs of the population”, as well as 113.5 million for the continued deployment of the first line access window (GAP), which will lead to the implementation of the Your health appointment platform.

The government intends to “respond to the growing needs” in youth protection by increasing accommodation capacity. He also wants to provide more support to people in crisis situations. An amount of 738 million is set aside to make this happen.

More than $1.1 billion over five years is also planned to “continue the major shift” in home support services, the agreement of CHSLDs and the deployment of seniors’ homes and alternative homes.

Mystère pour Santé Québec

The sums allocated to the Santé Québec agency, which will have the mission of coordinating the field activities of the public network, do not appear in the 2024-2025 budget. Quebec indicates that they will be there during the next budgetary year, once the transition is complete with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. In the previous budget, $60 million was allocated over two years to the creation of Santé Québec.

According to the Ministry of Executive Council, 63 people submitted their candidacy for the position of president and CEO of Santé Québec. He is expected to be appointed by the end of April. He will earn $567,000 per year, and $652,050 in the first two years.

Hospital constructions and renovations

The Quebec Infrastructure Plan also provides 2.9 billion for the health and social services sector. “Major hospital construction, reconstruction, expansion and redevelopment projects” are included, including the emergency room and intensive care unit of Amos hospital, as well as the emergency room and operating room of the hospital. Sept-Îles hospital.

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