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Gunshots and a Molotov cocktail at Edmonton City Hall

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Children evacuated from Edmonton City Hall after shots fired, Molotov cocktail, launched in construction.

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Shortly after noon, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) confirmed that shots were fired into the city hall building in the Alberta capital and that a Molotov cocktail was thrown from the second floor. The EPS is not reporting any injuries at this time.

Police have invited the media to ;#x27;refrain from communicating details about the locations and activities of the agents on site in order to guarantee their safety.

The Edmonton Police Service is currently investigating the incident. One person has been arrested, and police are carrying out an inspection of city hall. Surrounding and nearby roads have been closed, and the public is asked to avoid the area.

A CBC reporter was at city hall for a committee meeting when the incident was reported shortly before 10:30 a.m. The reporter said she heard three loud bangs coming from the # x27;atrium of the building.

The mayor, city councilors and staff attending the meeting have been temporarily confined in a room on the ground floor. The building's fire alarm went off shortly after.

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ELSELL ON INFO: Invoking the Emergency Measures Act was unreasonable, says the Federal Court

The municipal council was in a meeting on the management of emergency situations, and we heard very loud bangs, said municipal councilor Aaron Paquette.

At first we thought that a [wooden] pallet might be fall, because we don't expect such a thing to happen.

But security came and said, “These are real gunshots and we have to follow d&amp procedures ;#x27;emergency.”

A quote from Edmonton City Councilor Aaron Paquette

That's what we did, he added.

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The roads around and nearby of city hall have been closed, and the population is asked to avoid the area.

At 11 h, the building was still being evacuated, and police in tactical gear could be seen inside. Fire trucks and ambulances were also at the scene.

Children were also evacuated by police and were sheltered in an Edmonton Public Transit bus.

Police tape has been installed in front of the main entrance to the building. After 11 a.m., security guards were stationed at Churchill Square, just south of the building.

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