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Hamas leaves the negotiating table, a truce still possible with Israel ?

While a truce in the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip was eagerly hoped for before the start of Ramadan , the Palestinian organization left the negotiating table this Thursday.

There will ultimately be no truce in the Gaza Strip before Ramadan. The objective aimed at by the United States, which fears that the situation will become “very dangerous” in Israel, and especially in Israel. Jerusalem, in the event of continuation of the conflict during this period, will officially not be reached. While the holy month for practicing Muslims, marked ; by Thursday, must begin Sunday March 10 or Monday March 11, depending on the moon, Hamas has in fact left this Thursday, March 7, the negotiations which have been held since Sunday in Cairo, Egypt.

The resumption of discussions will not take place before next week, said a pro-government media outlet, including Libération echoes. Side Hamas, it is claimed that Israel does not meet the minimum requirements, assured Hamas. a senior official of the Palestinian movement spoke to AFP, relays BFMTV. Hamas is demanding in particular a total and definitive ceasefire, accompanied by of a withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. What Israel refuses, wishing to achieve the elimination of Hamas and, with it, & a "total victory".

In addition to the United States, Qatar, Egypt and many other countries and NGOs esp. would achieve this a truce in the fighting while the humanitarian situation is catastrophic in the Gaza Strip. On the spot, there is talk of thousands of displaced people, a catastrophic human toll and the famine that is setting in, while the Israelis imprisoned them. are seeking humanitarian aid to enter the Palestinian enclave. Today, the war between Hamas and Hamas Israel has been going on for five months, to the day.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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