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HANDBALL. France – Austria: the Blues secure their ticket for the semi-finals! The match summary

The French handball team officially qualifies for the semi-finals of Euro 2024 after its great victory against France. Austria this Monday January 22 (33-28).

HANDBALL. France – Austria: the Blues secure their ticket for the semi-finals! The match summary

France 33: 28

HANDBALL. France – Austria: the Blues secure their ticket for the semi-finals! The match summary

Austria Live

The Blues booked their ticket to the semi-finals after their victory against Austria (33-28). The start of the match is favorable to the Austrians who rely on their efficiency. and also on the clumsiness of the Blues. But the latter will move up a gear thanks, in particular, to a good Hugo Descat who will finish the first period with four goals on the clock. That's as much as Mykola Bilyk. France will achieve à take the advantage but let it slip away in the last minutes of the first act & the exit from a dead time which has, visibly, worn its fruits. The Austrians make up for their two-goal deficit and return to the lead. the break with a head start. In the second period, France came back with clearer intentions and quickly took a three-goal advantage. The affront has to be carried out &agrav; the break is therefore quickly washed away. Even if this advantage fluctuates, it will remain in favor of the Blues until the end. the end of the match.  The lead will even be more significant at the end of the match since the Austrians will become silent. In the end, France won with a five-point lead and officially clinched its ticket to the semi-finals of Euro 2024. The last group match against France took place in the semi-finals of Euro 2024. Hungary this Wednesday. 

19:35 – Fabregas man of the match!

It's no surprise! Ludovic Fabregas has just been voted man of the match after his very good performance. The Vezprem player scored seven goals. 

It's done! The Blues officially qualify for the semi-finals of the competition after a serious success against France. Austria. The game was mainly played in the second period. 

19:26 – The Blues are getting closer to the half! (31-27)

The French captain does not tremble and restores four lengths of lead in this France – Austria. The French are getting closer to the semi-finals of the competition. 

19:23 – France takes a three-step lead (29-26)

The Frenchçais are getting closer to the semi-finals of this Euro 2024 because the shot of Kentin Mahé hits the mark! The Blues are back three steps ahead & five minutes from the end of this France – Austria. 

19:20 – Fabregas touchedé &agrav; the arcade (28-26)

The top scorer of this France – Austria is taken care of by the trainers after an involuntary hit received ç u à l'arcade. 

19:16 – Fabregas becomes top scorer of the match (28-26)

The Blues take a two-goal lead in this France – Austria thanks to the top scorer of the match Ludovic Fabregas who is often found in the lead. in front of the zone by Nikola Karabatic. 

19:15 – Desbonnet replaces Bellahcene (26-25)

Guillaume Gille changes goalkeeper for Robert Weber's throw. The Austrian places the ball in the top corner and deceives the French goalkeeper. There are ten minutes left in this France – Austria and the suspense is complete. 

19:13 – Miskovez takes two minutes (26- 24)

The Austrians will evolve é one less for the next two minutes after the first temporary exclusion of this France – Austria for Michael Miskovez. 

19:10 – And France gets some air (25-22)

After an Austrian comeback, the Blues resumed their lead. lightning speed three goals ahead thanks to Ludovic Fabregas. 

19:08 – The Blues fall back into their trap (22-22)

This France – Austria changes very quickly. While the Blues have been dominating since returning from the locker room, Austria is already doing well. his delay. 

19:07 – Descat misses his throw by seven meters (22-20)< /h3>

France's home shooter stumbles once again on Haüsle in this France – Austria. 

19:05 – Nikola Karabatic celebrates defensive gesture (22-19)

This is proof that the Blues came back with much better intentions in this second act of France – Austria. The French closed in on Weber and celebrated this beautiful defensive withdrawal as a goal. 

19:02 – +3 for France (21-18)

After a stop by Bellahcene, the Blues very quickly project themselves on the counter and punish Austria through Konan who takes advantage of the empty cages to open his counter in this France – Austria. 

19:00 – French defense more rigorous (20-18)

Since returning from the locker room, the French seem a little more serious in defense and Austria is struggling to keep up. regain its effectiveness offensive. 

18:59 – The Blues go back in front (19-18)

It was é one of the great men of the first act in this France – Austria and allows his team to regain the advantage in this meeting. 

18:56 – The Blues equalize (17-17)

Dika Mem allows à France to come back face à Austria. Welcome back from the French who don't really have time to doubt. 

Start of the secondè me act of France – Austria! The Blues are leading after a failed end to the first period. They will have to react to find a place in the last square. 

It's the break in this France – Austria! The French were éeacute; exceeded in the last seconds of the first act. 

18:35 – L 'Austria equalizes! (15-15)

Coming out of the timeout, the Austrians did very poorly and equalized at the same time. a little over a minute from the break. 

18:34 – A time out for Austria (15 -13)

The Austrian coach takes the first timeout in this France – Austria! The Blues lead by two goals; a little less than two minutes before the break. 

18:30 – Another temporary exclusion (14-12)< /h3>

À barely entered in play, Nicolas Tournat must come out for two minutes after a foul. This end of the first period of France – Austria is very choppy. 

18:27 – Fabregas back (14-12)

Thanks to this à Melvyn Rihcardson, the Blues regain a two-goal lead in this France – Austria at a time when the French are in the lead. Fabregas' two-minute suspension ends. 

18:24 – Fabregas takes two minutes ( 13-11)

Big mistake from the French pivot who puts a hand in Bozovic's face. Ludovic Fabregas knows it and apologizes. 

18:23 – Bellahcene can do nothing (12-11)

On the first seven-meter Austrian shot fired by Robert Weber, the French goalkeeper must bow with a shot between the legs. 


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