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HBO (MAX): the Prime Video Warner Pass is not disappearing, it is evolving (and it still costs money)

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A few years ago, Warner Bros. Discovery has unveiled its own streaming platform: MAX. After a fanfare launch in North America, only a few hand-picked European countries had the right to benefit from MAX and its numerous contents. In France, we will have to be patient. When the contract between OCS and HBO ended in December 2022, Prime Video arrived as a savior with an exclusive partnership with Warner Bros and the launch of the Warner Pass. But it was clear that this optional subscription would only be temporary, the arrival of MAX in France being (relatively) imminent.

When Warner Bros. Discovery finally announced the official release date of MAX in France, several questions crossed our minds. One of them being: what will become of the Prime Video Warner Pass? Against all expectations, it is not disappearing. Or at least, not really.

MAX, available via Prime Video

After a lot of waiting, MAX finally arrives in France. The Warner Bros. streaming platform. Discovery will be available via the site and the dedicated application but also via CANAL+ for subscribers to the Ciné-Séries, Friends & Family, Integral and Rat+ Ciné-Séries at no extra cost. But Prime Video subscribers are not left behind. Contrary to what one might have thought, Amazon's video streaming platform does not intend to drop HBO-branded programs anytime soon.

Thus, the Warner Pass continues to exist… Even if it takes another form from Tuesday June 11, 2024. Those who are already subscribed to the Warner Pass, nothing changes on their side. For others, Prime Video are unveiling two offers: a Max Ad-lite offer (with advertising) for 5.99 euros per month and a Max Ad-free offer (without advertising) for 9.99 euros per month. Everyone therefore has the choice to enjoy MAX as they wish.

This new video streaming platform has something to appeal to fans of series. HBO-branded programs are known for their quality, such as Euphoria, The Last of Us or The Sopranos. The launch of MAX in France is timely: the highly anticipated season 2 of House of the Dragon is broadcast from Monday June 17, 2024 here. The first episodes of the Game of Thrones spin-off were a hit in the summer of 2022. It is certain that this new season will not go unnoticed.

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