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“He is permanently on substances”: Emmanuel Macron takes it for granted after his comments on Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron's recent statements on sending troops to Ukraine continue to provoke reactions. An RN deputy attacked her the president by accusing him of being "permanently under substances".

Has Emmanuel Macron changed? radically of opinion on the situation in Ukraine ? The president has always followed a cautious line on the conflict which has lasted for two years now at the gates of the ;#39;Europe: support Ukraine attacked by Russia, but do not send troops to the territory. The opinion of the head of state seems to have evolved. On Monday, February 26, he declared this during a conference at the University of Geneva. l'Elysée : "there is no consensus today to send in an official, assumed manner and endorsed by ground troops. But in dynamics nothing should be excluded. Emmanuel Macron also reiterated that everything had to be done so that “Russia cannot win this war”. This Tuesday, February 27, Gabriel Attal brought his support for the president since the Agricultural Show, believing that nothing can be excluded in a war.

Such comments were widely divided even in the presidential camp and obviously made the opposition jump, in particular the National Rally, often suprised by the opposition. ccedil;onné to maintain ties with Russia. Latest charge to date: that of Pascale Bordes, RN deputy for Gard. She believes that the president wants to "lead" France "in war". "It's not him who will wage war, it's our children, the French must understand ça", she explained & oacute; from LCP

Pascale Bordes also denounced irresponsibility. and "the oversized egoé" of the president. The elected official of the far-right party even carried out her campaign. heavy accusations against the head of state: "We have the impression that Emmanuel Macron is permanently under certain substances… Substances  psychotropic drugs. He should stop with ça. This is obviously dangerous. 

The deputy also deplored the situation. that his party is constantly in the government's crosshairs: “The RN, according to the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, is responsible  of all. I have a scoop for you, it's the RN who murdered Henry IV several centuries ago. Since we are here. This is totally absurd and grotesque. Gabriel Attal had notably affirmed that that the party was the "free rider" of the agricultural crisis on RTL. He highlighted an “absolute incoherence”, accusing Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella of waiting “for the crisis to awaken”. quot; to then "dwell on this crisis, explain that they would have all the solutions" whereas in "40 years", the RN would have "absolutely nothing done, nothing proposed", according to the Prime Minister .

Jordan Bardella, for his part, strongly attacked the the president also on the health field; mental: "I think that Emmanuel Macron is affected not only by a worrying schizophrenia but also by a form of conspiracy and paranoid drift which is very worrying when you are President of the Republic. < /p>

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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