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He wins 100 free meals at McDonald’s thanks to ChatGPT

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Since its launch a little over a year ago, ChatGPT has been used for numerous litigation cases, but never, to our knowledge, for large-scale fraud at McDonald's.< /p>

An effective technique

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It is now a done deal with this young British man who explained that he was able to obtain 100 free menus by using the services of artificial intelligence. The latter hosts the show All Thing The Podcast and is the owner of the resale group All Things Arbitrage.

His story begins when he manages to collect several receipts by going around the empty tables of a McDonald's restaurant. These contain unique codes which then allow you to write reviews for the American multinational.

He then asks ChatGPT to write his 1200 character messages of dissatisfaction in order to send to the company. Within 12 hours, a representative contacted him to offer him a free meal. Not without irony, he specifies: “ It's even better when it's free.”

One who defines himself as a millionaire entrepreneur claims to have collected 100 free meals by applying this method for nine months. However, he ended up being caught by the nearby restaurant which realized the subterfuge.

ChatGPT used for malicious purposes

We clearly do not recommend applying this method, because as an Internet user quoted by our colleagues from the Journal de Montréal pointed out: “ It hurts several people. McDonald's clearly relies on customer reviews to see if its franchises are worth staying open. If the reviews are too low, a restaurant risks closing”. « It doesn't hurt anyone! I'm not naming any names. I do this to get free meals”, the host defends.

As a reminder, ChatGPT is also increasingly used by malicious actors to write phishing messages. The AI ​​thus makes it possible, despite itself, to reproduce the style of a legitimate actor, and the target unfortunately risks seeing nothing but fire. Faced with this new risk, we must therefore be extra vigilant by checking the identity of our interlocutor or by going directly to the website of the company in question.

What you need to remember:

  • A young Englishman brags about getting free meals at McDonald's thanks to ChatGPT
  • It collects menu receipts then has the AI ​​write complaints
  • This method may prove harmful to the staff of the targeted restaurants

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