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Health, climate: these dietary changes can save the world< /p> © Unsplash/Edward Franklin

This is a fascinating and inspiring study. Scientists from the American universities of Tulane, Stanford, and Harvard have shown that subtle changes in our eating habits can have a major impact on our carbon footprint, while helping to safeguard our health.

Small changes for a big impact

To get a clearer picture, researchers analyzed the diet data of 7,700 Americans and looked at which ones had the most impact on the climate. They then calculated how their carbon footprint could be changed if they replaced certain products with nutritionally similar options that generate fewer emissions.

In a statement released to present the findings, Diego Rose, director of the nutrition program at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and lead author of this research, explains: /p>

This study shows that reducing carbon emissions from food is accessible and that it is not necessary to completely change your lifestyle. It can be as simple as ordering a chicken burrito instead of a beef burrito when you go out to eat. When you're at the grocery store, move your hand a foot to pick up soy or almond milk instead of cow's milk. This small change can have a significant impact.

Anna Grummon, assistant professor of pediatrics and health policy at Stanford University, agrees: “For us, the substitutions were replacing a beef burger with a turkey burger, not replacing your steak with a tofu hot dog. We looked for substitutes that were as similar as possible.”

Concretely, researchers estimate that these changes in diet can reduce the carbon footprint of food by 35%. Average American, which is considerable. Likewise, it can improve the quality of one's diet by 4 to 10%.

For example, while red meat is praised for its iron and protein intake, research has shown that overconsumption generates an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is advisable not to overdo it.

What to remember:

  • By replacing certain foods in our diet, we could significantly reduce our carbon footprint
  • This can also help improve our health
  • Changes can be very subtle, for example replacing beef with chicken
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