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“Help us”: Stéphane Bern’s message against the “worst breeding” of chickens

In a video broadcast this Thursday, May 23, St&phane Bern supports L214  which denounces the expansion of a chicken farm intensive in Perche.

"I am speaking out today because the Perche risks being misrepresented. “If we don't act now,” he said. Stéphane Bern in a video, broadcast this Thursday, May 23. The host pointed out pointing at a chicken farm located in the village &agrav; Eperrais. In this farm, 30 chickens and turkeys are crowded together. The owner of the premises, who supplies brands from the LDC group such as Le Gaulois or Maitre Coq, aims to achieve this goal. double its breeding to reach 58,000 poultry. To do this, he needs prefectural authorization.

The facilitator who lives in the region then decided to do so. to add his voice à the L214 association to denounce the project to extend this intensive poultry farming. "The consequences are chilling: risk of soil and water pollution but also nuisance for deliveries with trucks passing through to deliver food composed in particular of GMO soy and antibiotics and the passage of livestock to send the animals to the slaughterhouse,” explains Stéphane Bern. He also deplores the conditions in which chickens are raised: "They are in a pitiful state. Lame chickens, dead people among the living, he reports. filled its two buildings with thresholds that exceed its current authorization.

Stéphane Bern wishes the LDC group to stop "resorting to “breeds of chickens genetically selected to grow abnormally quickly” as well as "to pile them up & more than 20 per square meter without any access to outside the back. The facilitator calls out sign a petition against this intensive breeding. A gathering, notably of local residents and associations, is also organized on May 28 to prevent this project. 

L214 a, for his part, announcedé want to file a complaint for animal abuse. "These are chickens piled up next to each other. 23 per square meter who have been é genetically selected to grow abnormally quickly. They have lung problems, heart problems, they can't cope with their health. stand on their legs sometimes, à reach the feeders to feed, signaled L Léo Le Ster,  loadé campaign for the association, at the microphone of BFMTV. The association judges this breeding to be “outlawed”. and attacks the LDC group much more than the LDC group. the breeder who has taken the necessary steps for his request.

The latter also defended himself as reported by Actu: " Today, I do not exceed 30,000 poultry. I have all the authorizations to use the buildings and I am now waiting for the return of the prefecture to move on. 58,000 are, he assured.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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