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Here are two Pokémon cards from the next expansion, and it's going to be beautiful

© The Pokémon Company

With the cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, we learn something every day.

While the world finally discovers the error which is located on the back of the French cards and which was corrected in 2001 in Japan, the new expansion of the TCG is arriving soon in France.

Forces Temporelles

Still under the aegis of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the next expansion of the TCG after the recent release of Destiny of Paldea is called Temporal Forces. It will offer more than 160 cards with new Pokémon from the past and the future with more than ten Pokémon cards with special illustrations.

Abo and Arbok

One of the two cards that we are presenting to you exclusively today is one of these illustrations special, which will obviously be the envy of every JCC collector.

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With the recent announcement of the Pokémon Pocket app, the Pokémon Company and Creatures Studio show once again their desire to highlight the magnificent illustrations of the cards, an aspect that particularly appeals to collectors.

This is how we can discover here the French map showing the special illustration version of Arbok, accompanied here on the artwork illustrated by Okubo de Bazoucan.

Here are two Pokémon cards from the next expansion, and it's going to be beautiful

© The Pokémon Company

The Poison type Pokémon from the first generation here has 130 HP with attacks Panic Poison and Darkfang, requiring one and two Darkness energy cards respectively. As you will notice at the bottom of the card, its golden star represents a rare Illustration, the drop percentage of which will not be very high.

However, you should not forgetting its pre-evolution which is Abo. Fortunately, fans of the potty snake will have a better chance of coming across him when opening a booster pack, given that it is a common card. It is the first card illustrated by Shimaris Yukichi, Abo here having 60 HP with the attacks Poisonous Mix and Bite. However, you will have to be attentive to their weakness against Fighting-type Pokémon.

These cards will be available with the extension of the Temporal Forces JCC outgoing on Friday March 22.

  • The next expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game is called Temporal Forces.
  • We have the opportunity to present to you exclusively here the French cards of Abo and Arbok from the next expansion.
  • The Temporal Forces cards will be available on Friday March 22 in France.

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