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Here is the list of the 17 professions that will recruit the most by 2030 , with the salary scale

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The energy renovation of buildings is one of the major axes of the government's recovery plan. The latter plans to dedicate 20 to 30 billion euros per year to this area by 2030 to achieve the objectives set by the law on energy transition: renovate 500,000 homes per year, half of which will be occupied by modest households.

A strong need for manpower

This financial effort is necessary but not sufficient, according to France Stratégie, a think tank attached to the Prime Minister's office. In 2 notes published during the month of September 2023 (here and here), he raises the crucial question of the workforce.

France Stratégie believes that the energy renovation of buildings will require between 170,000 and 250,000 additional jobs by 2030in addition to the 150,000 to 300,000 workers who are already active in this field. In total, 650,000 positions would need to be filled in renovation professions which range from mason to plumber, electrician or insulationist.

However, these professions struggle to recruit and retain their employees, particularly because of difficult working conditions, health risks and lack of recognition. France Stratégiethus underlines the need to strengthen the attractiveness of these professions by improving training, promoting skills and qualifications and developing hiring assistance systems.

Here is the list of the 17 professions which will recruit the most by 2030, with the salary scale

The remuneration of a carpenter © France Rénov

Up to 4 times the minimum wage

It is on the France Rénov website that you can discover the professions associated with this sector, with the salary scale associated with each of them. You can see that certain salaries can reach 2 to 4 times the hourly minimum wage. The latter require longer training and greater qualification of the employee. On this portal, you can discover the different professions with salaries, classified in four categories: Craftsmen specializing in insulation, heating craftsmen, project management assistance and building expertise/studies.

Below, details of all the professions which will recruit on this plan by 2030 – with the salary range between the beginner and the most experienced.

Artisans specializing in insulation

  • Mason : 1652€ to 2232€ gross/month
  • Carpenter :1653€ to 2233€ gross/month
  • Wood carpenter : 1900€ to 2800€ gross/month
  • Facade worker/Building painter :1589€ to 3000€ gross/month
  • Roofer :1300€ to 5000€ gross/month
  • Plasterer/plasterer : €1,653 to €6,000 gross/month

Heating engineers

  • Plumber/Heating engineer :1750€ to 2421€ gross/month
  • Electrician installer :1653€ to 4000€ gross/month
  • Assembler in thermal and climatic installations : 1790€ to 4657 € gross/month

Project management assistance

  • Site manager : 2200€ to 3000€ gross/month
  • BIM manager (modeling) :2500€ to 4500€ gross/month
  • Works manager: €1598 to €4500 gross/month
  • Architect :2000€ to 6000€ gross/month

Expertise/studies building

  • Home automation engineer : €1600 to €2200 gross/month
  • Construction economist : 2500€ to 3375€ gross/month
  • Charge d’Energy Advisor : 2300€ to 3500€ gross/month
  • Hlimate engineering engineer : 2500€ at 4000€ gross/month
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