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Here's how to get rid of old Android apps that are taking up your smartphone's memory

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On your Android smartphone, you may have many applications installed that you have not used for a long time, but which nevertheless take up storage space. And if you want to do a little cleaning on your device, know that there is an application offered by the company which helps you easily identify apps that are not used (that you may have even forgotten).

This app identifies apps that you don't use

This application is Files by Google, a file manager offered by the Mountain View firm. This is preinstalled on some Android models, but if you don't have it, you can install it by going to this link.

On the Files by Google app, tap the “Applications” button.

Here's how to get rid of old Android apps that are taking up your smartphone's memory

Files by Google helps you manage the storage of your smartphone, as well as applications. © presse-ciron.net

And once you are on the Applications tab, all you have to do is use the Unused applications filter so that Files by Google highlights the applications installed on your smartphone, but which you do not use. To uninstall one of these apps, simply press the menu button to the right of the list item, then click Uninstall.

Here's how to get rid of old Android apps that are taking up your smartphone's memory

A filter allows you to identify apps that are not used © presse-citron.net

Also note that you can both use the filter for unused applications and large applications. This will highlight apps that you don't use and which also take up a lot of storage.

Google already has a solution

Please note, however, that on Android, Google has already found a solution to reduce the storage space occupied by apps that are not used, but which are still installed on the smartphone. This is the self-archiving of applications. In summary, if the feature is active, and the system detects that an application is not used at all, it can delete certain files, but without uninstalling the application.

And if the user chooses later to use this application again, the deleted files are recovered. But this new Android feature has limitations, since it is only compatible with apps that use the new App Bundle format.

  • The Files by Google application offers a filter that identifies apps that are not in use, and which you can delete to free up storage space
  • This also allows you to have a list of unused apps that take up a lot of storage space
  • Otherwise, Google is already working on a system that archives unused apps, but without uninstalling them

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