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Here's why Xbox could end its closed system

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Like the iPhone (except in the European Union), the Xbox console is a closed system. Indeed, to download or buy video games, players are obliged to go through the official Microsoft store. But, obviously, like many gamers, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is frustrated by closed systems.

This frustration was mentioned during an interview with the Polygon website. And when asked if he sees a future in which third-party game stores like Itch.io or Epic Games Store are available on Xbox, Spencer gave an affirmative answer. The one -he also recalled that Microsoft is the Windows company, the operating system that allows you to install whatever you want on your PC.

For the boss of Xbox, the current economic model, which consists of subsidizing consoles by taking a share from video game purchases, is no longer relevant. In order to offer more value to gamers, which would also benefit console makers, Phil Spencer believes the industry could give them.

A rapprochement with PC

If this vision mentioned by Phil Spencer comes to fruition, we would then have an experience closer to that of PC on Xbox, with regard to video game purchases. Players could more easily find good deals, thanks to competition between stores. And developers would have more ways to distribute their games.

In any case, some changes seem necessary to revitalize the console market. According to Phil Spencer, component prices are no longer falling as quickly as in the past. And the console market would be in difficulty, as more and more players turn to PCs or to gaming on portable devices.

In addition, the boss from Xbox also wants to end exclusives on more and more titles. For him, players should be able to play with their friends, regardless of the console they buy.

  • Frustrated by closed systems, the boss of Xbox raises the possibility of ending Microsoft's monopoly on the distribution of games on its consoles
  • Thus, in terms of purchases and downloads of titles, we would have an experience similar to that of PC
  • Microsoft today seems determined to make profound changes to Xbox in order to revitalize the console market

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