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It can be tempting to say nothing, but it's better to be transparent about the neighborhood.

A dream that turned into reality to the nightmare. When in June 2011, Marie and Jean (assumed first names*) sold their house, this couple seemed relieved. Two years after settling into this home located south of Angers, the couple packed up their boxes and left their home. Not without losing money. The transaction is finalized for a lower price of 48,000 euros compared to the previous year. purchase. A significant loss of money that justice came to compensate for a few years later. And this, thanks to à elements kept hidden by the former owners.

A few months after having recovered the keys to their house, Marie and Jean faced the threat of death. very aggressive behavior from their neighbor: verbal, physical violence, noise pollution or even animal wanderings… hellip; Their daily life became hell and a mediator, as well as the police, were attacked. requested to resolve this dispute. In vain. To the point that the property was destroyed. put back on sale in January 2009. In the end, it is only'à summer 2011 that a transaction was completed with a significant capital loss. At issue: the troubles caused by the neighbor.

Hiding information about your neighbors can be expensive and many homeowners ignore it

However, this sale revealed that the former owner had herself purchased the property. victim of nuisance, which she had never informed the couple. The latter therefore decided; to turn against her. And woné to the court. After having collected numerous testimonies, even going back to of previous owners, the courts judged that that the seller "did'did not wishé inform the purchasers of these notable disadvantages of which it was aware" and held it responsible for the damages for having concealed from the purchasers the reality of the incident. of these disorders." A fault which led to compensation of more than 50,000 euros, according to a ruling of the Angers Court of Appeal in 2016.

This story is not unique. Other similar cases have been reported. treated by justice, which gave reason to the injured owners. because of a noisy neighborhood of which they were unaware, particularly in Moselle, where 9000 euros were paid. paid by a seller who had not warned of the noise and incivility committed in the building by a neighbor.

When we look for something When parting with a property, it can sometimes be tempting not to reveal everything to the future buyer. Hide the humidity, do not mention a faulty workmanship or even “forget” what happened. to evoke the nuisances of the neighborhood…hellip; There is no shortage of hidden defects. But don't think you can fool the buyer: he has the means to defend himself. And it can be very expensive.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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