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High schools threatened: students shocked, anxious, uncomfortable in class... Fear remains

More than a week after the ENT hacks and the sending of threats to middle and high schools in France, students and teachers are still marked by fear.

While the investigations opened by the Paris prosecutor's office in the context of hacking of the Digital Workspaces of more than a hundred high schools and colleges The ages of France continue, a new episode of terrorist threats took place this Thursday, March 28 near Nantes. As reported by France 3 Pays de la Loire, students from the Jean Perrin high school in the commune of Rezé received messages conveying terrorist threats against their establishment as well as a malicious video. 

A student from the Rez´en high school told the story of with France 3 that a student in first class shared with him the threatening message that she herself received that evening, "à 11:30 p.m. as specified by the student. The latter explainedé &agrav; France 3: “That message was a threat of an attack on our high school' Jean Perrin, a threat of explosion with an attachment, an unhealthy video of someone being killed." The student in question adds that he reported the incident at the police station at "7 a.m.". 

France 3 indicates that the high school is targeting by the threats was quickly the subject of an intervention by the police in connection with the rectorate. The students of the boarding school of the high school were é Evacuated, accompanied by staff from the establishment and external students remained outside. ;nbsp;Classes resumed in the morning after a little over an hour of checks which did not detect anything. no threat within the high school grounds.

The media adds that after the incident, the president of the region, Christelle Morançais, in agreement with the Rector, Katia Béguin, decidedé to close the online platform. The students of the establishment were in shock, as the high school director tells us ;e Jean Perrin, Béatrice Drouin, with France 3: "We have a few students who have had serious illnesses; s à the anxiety of the moment. Another student at the school said: a France 3: "When we received a message saying that the establishment was going to explode, çit was scary. I decided to do this. to come to class, even if the fear is there and we feel threatened. I didn't want to watch the video, as a precaution."

As Libération specifies, around 130 high schools and colleges in Ile-de-France have & oacute;summer victims of this type of threat since the start of the incidents last week, according to figures from the Ministry of National Education. The release details that around twenty high schools were attacked. targeted in Hauts-de-Seine and around fifteen in the Lille academy. This Thursday, the Ministry of Education counted a total of 323 threats in 44 departments within 22 academies.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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