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How does DPE work ? We answer all your questions

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DPE is a hot topic in the world of real estate, and especially rental. You have probably heard the acronym DPE thrown around in conversations when you were in the middle of recharging your accommodation. We will explain to you here why it is a particularly important unit of measurement.

The DPE, what is it ?

The Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) is a measurement tool that evaluates the energy performance of a property, whether it is a property or not. #8217;is a house or an apartment. It aims to inform owners, tenants and buyers about the energy consumption of housing as well as its environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

< p>The DPE provides information on the quantity of energy consumed by the property for heating, domestic hot water production, air conditioning, and all other systems allowing heating or cooling of the property. accommodation. It also classifies housing according to its energy performance on a scale going from A (very energy efficient) to G (very energy consuming), knowing that housing classified F or G are called “thermal sieves” for their inefficiency in management. optimized energy.

What criteria are taken into account for carrying out the DPE ?

To obtain the rating of accommodation according to the DPE , criteria are taken into account such as:

  • The quantity of energy consumed expressed in kWh/m²/year
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Living surface area of ​​the accommodation
  • The presence and performance of thermal insulation such as wall insulation, but also windows
  • The type of heating used as well as its efficiency and energy consumption
  • The domestic hot water production system and its consumption
  • Ventilation and more generally the presence or absence of a VMC
  • The presence and energy consumption of air conditioning< /li>
  • Possible means of producing renewable energy present in housing

Is- what the DPE is compulsory ?

Establishing an energy performance diagnosis is mandatory if you want your home, and it must be given to the potential buyer at the latest when signing the sales agreement. Please note, however, that many buyers will want to know this crucial information before anything else, and it is therefore a good idea to do this as soon as possible in order to integrate it into your real estate ad. Thus, the buyer will know if your home is economical, or if it requires energy upgrade work.

This is also mandatory for each owner wanting to implement rental of your accommodation, knowing that certain accommodations are prohibited from renting if the DPE is considered too bad.

Does the DPE prohibit certain accommodations from rental or for sale ?

How does DPE work ? We answer all your questions

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In order to undermine slumlords and other owners who house tenants in decent housing, the law “Climate and Resilience” It has now been established that it is prohibited for owners to increase the rent of housing with an F or G rating. In addition, the Minister of Energy Transition Christophe Béchu recently announced that in the absence of an F or G rating. have accommodation of less than 40 m2, accommodation with a DPE calculated at F or G will be prohibited from renting from January 1, 2025.

Regarding homes for sale, no DPE prohibits transactions. Such measures are not planned for the government, given that it is always possible for the purchaser to carry out renovation work on the thermal strainers.

How long does the DPE of a home remain valid ?

If the DPE for your home was completed after July 1, 2021, it remains valid for 10 years following the date of completion. If this was carried out before, several criteria have evolved since then, and it is therefore necessary to carry out a new diagnosis in the event of sale or rental of your property.

How much does it cost ?

On average, it costs between 100 and 250 euros to have a DPE carried out by a specialized company. You will need to be particularly careful which one you choose, given that a buyer or tenant could turn against you in the event of a false DPE. Therefore, you will need to go through a certified and trusted company to carry this out.

How to improve the DPE ?

How does DPE work ? We answer all your questions

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If you want to improve your DPE, carrying out energy renovation work is essential. So you will probably be able to take advantage of state aid to help you earn a few letters. For this, the areas for consideration include thermal insulation of walls, a less energy-consuming heating system such as a heat pump, installing a VMC, replacing windows with insufficient insulation, but also why not try to produce energy with the installation of photovoltaic panels ?

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