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How Google AI is revolutionizing professional football

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The bridge between the sporting and technological world is increasingly closer, and as these two worlds come together, GAFAM presents itself as allies of the largest sports clubs. In a recent publication, teams from DeepMind, the branch dedicated to artificial intelligence at Google, presented robots capable of playing football.

If the practice is still rudimentary, it demonstrates the possible areas of progression within a few years and the increasingly important role of robotics and artificial intelligence in high-level sport.

A unique experience

Artificial intelligences had already demonstrated all their talent in the study of “mental” like chess or the game of go. They had managed to surpass the human brain. But for 'physical' sports, it was very different.

In addition to the mental understanding of the game, necessary to achieve a good performance, football robots must have exceptional coordination. It is on this point that the developers behind this project within the DeepMind group have worked a lot.

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In their study, published in the journal Science Robotics, they explain that they initially trained the robots with computer simulations. They focused on two key points of playing football, moving and scoring a goal.

Thanks to a new training method, DeepMind engineers saw their robots progress match after match and they were able to carry out complex tasks one on one. At the end of the experiment, the robots were able to shoot, move, defend or perform long actions with several touches of the ball.

L&amp ;#8217;artificial intelligence: the future of football

The study is very clear, the robots which were trained with artificial intelligence have achieved much better results than those who were simply guided by an algorithm. They have developed abilities that are difficult to program, such as pivoting or rotating on oneself.

If the technology is promising, it is still very far from replacing our players. football in the flesh. It will nevertheless be interesting to see to what extent the world of robotics and artificial intelligence can have an influence on the behavior of athletes.

In other disciplines such as chess, so-called computer moves are chess. are now played in all high-level games. These movements of pieces were discovered by computers, the only ones capable of understanding their importance in a game with billions of variables.

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