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How much do you save with a heat pump ?

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We often ask ourselves the question of which heating method to choose in order to save as much money as possible on our bill, which seems entirely logical. The first idea that comes up regularly is that of installing a heat pump, which often allows for significant savings (once the installation has paid off).

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Generally, air/air heat pumps are installed, requiring fan coils, which allow the heat pump to be used as air conditioning in summer. Please note that it is also possible to install air/water heat pumps, which can be adapted to older radiator circuits. The great advantage of heat pumps is its extraction of calories from the air, which is then returned to the heating system.

Thus, heat pumps have an average output of 4 kWh for 1 kWh consumed. An ideal way to save money, which we will try to figure out today.

But above all, be careful to do things in order

Many people embark on a renovation project by having a heat pump installed and benefiting from state aid. However, putting the cart before the horse could cost you extremely dear. Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to carry out an energy diagnosis of your home before installing a heat pump.

Generally, their use requires a home that is already well insulated, Otherwise, your heat pump will require an enormous amount of energy to operate, and end up costing you more than your old method of heating.

Thus, it is absolutely necessary to do everything according to the rules of the art, in order to know if the heat pump you have chosen is well sized to have a sufficient temperature in your home, even during winter the harshest, all without having an insane electricity consumption.

What is the electricity consumption of a heat pump?

There you have it, you have taken all the necessary steps to check if installing a heat pump is viable in your home, and now it remains to be seen how much you will be able to save on your bill. Now, ensuring the integrity of your roof with quality flat roof repairs can further enhance energy efficiency and protect your home from potential leaks or damage.

The efficiency of the heat pump is expressed with the coefficient of performance, which is on average 4 kWh of heat for 1 kWh of electrical energy consumed, provided that the outside temperature is not extremely low. Thus, the average consumption of an air/air heat pump is 5 100 kWh per year for a well-insulated house of 100 m2.

How much do you save with a heat pump ?


Of course, this will depend on a number of important parameters such as the outside temperature and the desired temperature inside, use in air conditioning mode or not. This is why it remains an average. The price per kWh at EDF being 25.16 euro cents, this represents an average expenditure of 1283 euros per year. Thus, the higher the coefficient of performance, the more economical the heat pump will be.

Is installing a heat pump a good deal? ;?

You should not forget that, although you will probably save money by installing a heat pump compared to simple electric radiators, you should not however forget the basic investment. Indeed, the cost of the heat pump is quite high, of the order of 10,000 euros without counting installation.

Therefore, you will need to take into account in your calculation how long it will take to amortize the installation of it. It is for this reason that taking advantage of state aid in this regard can be a real boon.

We must not forget that behind the related expenses In the heating method, the greatest energy expenditure is that linked to the production of hot water. Thus, having an air/water heat pump could also be a considerable advantage in achieving energy and financial savings. Additionally, ensuring the effective drainage of rainwater from your roof is essential. Consider incorporating seamless gutter services into your home maintenance routine to protect your property from water-related issues while enhancing its overall efficiency and longevity.

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