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How much does an Airbnb host earn on average ? (You should look into it)

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According to our colleagues at Clubic, the median income of an Airbnb host in France is 3,900 euros gross per year. This means that 50% of hosts earn more than this amount and 50% earn less. Median income is a more useful number than the average because it is less influenced by extreme values.

So, it is not surprising that many owners in France are tempted by the Airbnb adventure. Especially since technically it is possible to get started whether you are an owner or a tenant (subject to your landlord's agreement). Depending on local realities, however, it is possible that the approach will be more or less interesting.

In which cities is it more interesting to start using Airbnb?

Large French metropolises, such as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Marseille, offer higher income potential due to their tourist attractiveness and their strong demand for short-term accommodation. Homeowners located in city centers can expect higher rates than those in the suburbs, thanks to proximity to tourist attractions and public transportation.

In a city like Paris, however, the prospects for earnings can remain interesting beyond the ring road – given market saturation. It is undoubtedly, moreover, the great metropolis of France in which many owners are unaware of the potential of their accommodation on the platform, even if it is a little out of the way.

Elsewhere, in rural areas, opportunities are possible, but it is preferable to develop an attractive concept, all in a charming location – ideally in a tourist area. For customers, Airbnb is no longer necessarily cheaper than a hotel. Here are some updated median figures:

  • Paris: The French capital remains the most lucrative city for Airbnb hosts, with a median annual income that can exceed 10,000 euros for a well-located and optimized apartment.
  • Côte d’Azur : The cities of Nice, Cannes, Montpellier and Antibes benefit from strong tourist attractiveness, in particular during the summer season, allowing owners to generate comfortable income.
  • Large regional metropolises: Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulouse also offer interesting potential, with median annual incomes of up to 5,000 to 8,000 euros.

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Some tips for maximizing the potential of your accommodation on Airbnb

To maximize the potential of your accommodation on the platform, you should start by taking care your ad. Professional quality photos, a detailed and attractive description, as well as amenities and services adapted to the target clientele are essential to attract travelers.

You should also avoid ;#8217;arbitrary and set competitive prices. A regular market study by monitoring the prices charged by other hosts in the area allows you to adjust your rates as best as possible according to demand and seasonality, while inspiring the confidence of your potential tenants.

To increase prices a little, don't hesitate to offer unique experiences. This can involve organizing guided tours, cooking classes or tastings of local products or anything else “typical” or original which can attract vacationers.

Finally, the last piece of advice is to give tokens of trust – which requires effective management of reservations: responding quickly to requests, offering a warm and personalized welcome, and ensuring rigorous monitoring of reservations are all factors that contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Don't forget to declare your income

Income generated by seasonal rental on Airbnb is considered industrial and commercial profits (BIC) and must be declared for taxes. Two tax regimes are possible:

  • The micro-BIC regime: This simplified regime applies to housing with annual revenue does not exceed €72,600. It allows you to benefit from a flat-rate reduction of 50% on income.
  • The real regime  : This regime applies to housing with annual revenues exceeding €72 600  or as an option. It allows you to deduct the actual charges linked to the rental (maintenance, insurance, etc.).

It is important to respect your tax obligations to avoid any adjustment. Airbnb automatically transmits information relating to the income of its hosts to the administration – it is therefore up to you to exercise the greatest diligence in this matter.

  • Airbnb income varies greatly depending on the location, housing size and seasonality.
  • Large metropolises and tourist areas offer higher income potential.
  • Optimizing your ads, setting competitive prices and offering unique experiences are the keys to maximizing your earnings.

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