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How much will you have to pay, at minimum, to have an Apple Vision headset?

The Vision Pro headset made official by Apple in 2023. A more affordable version of this product is already in preparation. © Apple

2023 is an important year for Apple. Indeed, in June, it finally presented its first augmented reality headset. However, this technology has the potential to replace our smartphones, later, thanks to its immersive format which does not cut the user off from the outside world. However, this first Apple headset, the Vision Pro, is way too expensive. And this is why Apple is already working on a cheaper model.

For the moment, Apple is not communicating on this new, more affordable headset. However, there are already many rumors circulating about him. For example, sources suggest that this more accessible product could be called Apple Vision (without the “Pro”). And in his latest newsletter, a Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, publishes new information on this helmet.

First, as for price, Apple reportedly wants the Vision headset to cost $1,500 and $2,500. As a reminder, the Vision Pro headset costs $3,499 and will be marketed in 2024. Obviously, for the Vision headset to be more affordable, Apple will have to make concessions on the technical sheet. And according to Mark Gurman's newsletter, Apple could equip the Vision headset with lower resolution screens. The processor, for its part, would be comparable to those fitted to the iPhone (but not a Mac processor). Apple could sacrifice the EyeSight feature, an external display that allows the outside world to see the user's eyes. Additionally, Apple would equip this affordable headset with fewer cameras and sensors on the exterior.

A Vision Pro 2 in the pipeline

For the moment, we do not know if Apple's augmented reality platform will have the expected success. But in any case, it seems that the firm is already thinking about the next products it will launch. In addition to developing a more affordable headset, the firm is already thinking about the successor to the Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro 2 headset could have the same functionality and features as the Vision Pro. But it would have a lighter design, which would improve user comfort. In addition, Apple is reportedly considering a way to integrate corrective lenses into the product.

But, of course, for the moment, all this information should still be considered with caution, given that it does not come from an official source. We will perhaps have a better idea of ​​Apple's plans in augmented reality when the Vision Pro headset is released. At the moment, Apple is not very specific on this subject. During its announcement, the firm simply indicated that the Vision Pro will be released in early 2024.

Otherwise, it should be remembered that the competition is also getting active. Meta continues to focus on augmented reality and virtual reality. As for Samsung, it is working with Qualcomm and Google to develop a competing product.

  • While the Vision Pro headset is not yet marketed, Apple is already considering a more accessible version that does not cost $3,499
  • A newsletter from journalist Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) discusses the price of this affordable version of the Vision Pro, as well as the sacrifices that Apple could make on the sheet technical
  • At the same time, the firm is already thinking about a successor for the Vision Pro headset, while the latter is not yet marketed
  • And in the meantime, Samsung is collaborating with Google and Qualcomm to develop a competing product

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