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How Slack became the new El Dorado for influencers ?

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At first glance, Slack is a professional platform that allows members of a company to communicate with each other. We therefore don’t necessarily imagine influencers flocking to this messaging en masse. However, there are more and more of them if we are to believe this fascinating article published by Business Insider.

Slack, the place to be

Concretely, content creators join certain dedicated channels and in particular Women in Influencer Marketing, very popular popular in the United States. The latter allows you to find paid opportunities and establish contact between videographers and companies.

Quoted by our colleagues, Lissette Calveiro, influencer and founder of the talent agency Influence with Impact, underlines: “People respond very, very quickly when You're on Slack, which is generally not the case on other apps. It's a place for collaboration and I've seen a huge return on investment because it's a great network.

In fact, Slack is described as a gold mine in terms of professional opportunities by certain influencers who land partnership opportunities directly or develop their networks for future collaborations.

To ride this vein, the entrepreneur even plans to create a new paid group on Slack in order to create a community reserved for content creators. They will receive advice on the best way to approach advertisers and be put in contact with people who can help them in this regard.

Dedicated Discord servers

These initiatives remind us that content creators are increasingly turning to private messaging applications to build loyalty in their community. It is therefore quite common for videographers to group their fans together on Discord or a dedicated Telegram channel.

In 2022, the Washington Postalso returned to the case of Geneva which allows groups of people to exchange in thematic rooms such as Slack and Discord. Members can thus exchange without public pressure and that obsessive likes counter which tends to ruin discussions.

What you need to remember:

  • Influencers are increasingly turning to Slack, especially in the United States
  • Professional messaging allows them to sign partnership contracts and maintain their network
  • Content creators are also turning to services like Discord to allow their fans to exchange

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