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How Sony wants to sell the PlayStation VR2 to gamers... PC!

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At the start of 2022, Sony launched its highly anticipated PlayStation VR2. After the success of the first model, this second version had everything to succeed, starting with a very popular PS5, but also a headset that was more technologically advanced and more practical to use. However, with a price of €599 (at launch), and an overall reduced games catalog, the PS VR2 did not achieve the expected glory.

PlayStation VR2 on PC starting August 7

At the start of the year, Sony mentioned PC compatibility for its PlayStation VR2. For the Japanese giant, it was clearly an operation aimed at “saving” its virtual reality headset, allowing (many) PC gamers to also benefit from the precious headset.

And while some were counting on availability towards the end of the year, it is finally from August 7 that the PS VR2 will be PC compatible. “Players will be able to purchase and launch games from Steam's impressive library, which boasts thousands of VR games, including popular titles like Half-Life: Alyx, Fallout 4 VR and War Thunder” explains Sony.

How Sony wants to sell the PlayStation VR2 to gamers... PC!

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

To operate the PS VR2 headset on PC, however, you will need to purchase a dedicated adapter, which will be priced at €59.99 from PlayStation and various resellers. Players will also need a DisplayPort cable (sold separately) compatible with DisplayPort 1.4, as well as a Steam account of course, not to mention a PC capable of supporting VR.

For the rest, simply connect the PlayStation VR2 to the PC using the PS VR2 adapter and the DisplayPort 1.4 cable. Players will be invited to download the PlayStation VR2 and SteamVR applications on Steam, which will allow you to configure the PS VR2 on PC, before launching its first games.

Please note, however, that certain key technologies, such as HDR, headset feedback, eye movement tracking, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback (different from classic vibrations) are not available on PC. “Even though PS VR2 offers optimal immersion on PS5, we hope that players will enjoy being able to play a large number of VR games on PC with a single headset” indicates the Japanese giant.

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