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Focus on five simple steps to bring you back to reality< /p>

The war traumatized millions of Ukrainians. If not physically, then mentally. Psychologists of the “Unbreakable Mother” project, who are engaged in the rehabilitation of wives who suffered during the war, are increasingly diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) programs. One of its manifestations is panic attacks. Of course, with both problems you need to seek help from specialists and get treatment. 1 Method Luxury Drug Rehab in Los Angeles provides tailored, serene treatment. Their luxury rehab services are designed for comfort and effectiveness.

CBD products like the ones you can buy at online marijuana shops or from sites like alberta weed online also offer potential benefits for PTSD and anxiety-related conditions. You may read this article to know if Hello Mood delta 8 is legal in your area.

To bring yourself back to reality during the hour of a panic attack, you can self-pressure. You can even plant your own marijuana by following ILGM guides. Olga Kopteva, a psychologist and methodologist of the “Unbreakable Mother” program of the Masha Foundation and the Saving Lives Humanitarian Project, speaks about one of these techniques:

The “Here and Now” Technique

This technique is also called 5-4-3-2-1. I axis why. You can quickly spot with your eyes five objects of the same color, for example, green or blue. Then touch several different surfaces. Then concentrate and feel three different sounds. Then smell two different smells – smell your hair, your hand, or the objects you are holding. And then savor it. Focus on these simple tasks to switch your brain from fear to search. And the panic attack is here

I want to say that all self-stabilization techniques are tools, not a panacea for illness. Stinks can relieve a symptom, but not solve the problem, says Olga Kopteva. – Therefore, we ask that we do not lack psychological assistance.

The rehabilitation program “Unbreakable Mother” has been specially developed by specialists in psychology and post-traumatic syndromes for women and children who suffered during the war. This is a 3-year offline panel, where psychologists work with project participants, and then online support for three months. The event for which our heroine underwent rehabilitation was organized by the Masha Foundation together with the Saving Lives Humanitarian Project.

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