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How to pay less for your online purchases ? This Internet user found a foolproof method

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In an economic context marked by inflation, Internet users have found a trick to cut the prices of their online purchases , particularly for second-hand items. Be careful, this borderline legal method should not be reproduced!

How it works ?

The principle is as simple as it is mischievous. As a regular follower of this technique explains to JDN, “it involves posting false ads for second-hand items with low prices on sites like Rakuten, Leboncoin, or Ebay”. These ads attract the attention of other sellers, including professional distributors, who then adjust their prices to remain competitive.

This process indeed triggers a reaction chain among sellers. “Some sellers had adapted their prices to mine”, reveals the Internet user, emphasizing how his tactics have encouraged even large brands to lower their prices.

A manager of a purchasing platform confirms that “to remain competitive, some large sellers use computer algorithms that automatically align their prices on those of the competition”.

The results of this practice are undeniable. The Internet user behind this tip reports significant price drops. He gives the example of a video game and 'a book. “The video game went from 40 euros to less than 30 euros, and the book from 55 euros to 15 euros”.

On the verge of legality

Although this strategy may seem attractive to consumers wanting to save money, it raises questions of ethics and legality.

Creating fake ads can indeed be seen as a form of market manipulation, misleading other users and distorting the natural dynamics of competition. Although this tip gives an overview of the mechanics of e-commerce and their limits, it is not recommended.

Furthermore, it is important to assess whether the savings made are worth the long minutes spent creating false ads. Because, as everyone knows, time is money.

  • Internet users use fake ads to lower the prices of second-hand items online.
  • This method encourages sellers, including major retailers, to reduce their prices to remain competitive.
  • Although effective, this technique raises important ethical and legal questions.

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Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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