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How to save on heating? Our 7 tips

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The government has decided. It intends to gradually end its energy tariff shield. For millions of French people, this is a hard blow, and many are wondering how to lower their electricity bill.

In this regard,heating costs up to 60% of total energy consumptionof a household and sometimes reaches between 70 and 75% according to figures from the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). Acting on the latter can therefore help to reduce the bill and relieve your finances. Here are our tips for saving money.

First of all, know that the best way to save on heating is to have well-insulated accommodation, and if necessary to carry out work for this. You can consult this site for more information.

However, and despite the aid offered by the State, these renovations can prove expensive. In this article, however, we give you tips that do not necessarily require new expenses.

When you heat, you should not never place objects near radiators.The same goes for laundry. Also be sure to dust the grills of these devices to improve their efficiency.

It is recommended to heat your living rooms to a temperature of 19°C. You can go up to 21°C in the bathroom when you are there. As for the rooms, 17°C is enough. Beyond that, you will spend money unnecessarily and a large part of your next bill depends on this small detail.

By targeting these constant temperatures, your radiator will not exert too much pressure, and that is always a win. It’s anything but a detail, know that Reducing your heating by one degree reduces consumption by 7%.

Also remember to only heat the rooms you occupy. On the contrary, close the heated rooms where you are to avoid heat loss.

You should also close the shutters once night falls. This simple gesture which takes only a few seconds, would bringup to 2% heating savings.

Maintenance is now mandatory for people equipped with boilers. This is good, the intervention of a professional, although it has a cost, can allow real savings on your next bill.

The same goes for the sweeping of chimneys which is now obligatory before every winter.

In winter as in summer, it is essential to ventilate your home, especially because indoor air is polluted. It is recommended to do this for around ten minutes a day.

In cold periods, you should turn off your radiator during this period of time and turn it back on once this operation is complete. Note that some devices turn off and on automatically, which makes your life easier.

Draughts of fresh air could cost you dearly. One of the proposed solutions is to place seals around your doors and windows. Ademe also suggests that people who do not have double glazing stick plastic film on the windows.

Finally, for individuals equipped with fireplaces (wood heating is very economical), it is important to close the ventilation hatch when not in use. Indeed, the latter is an inlet of cold air.

Often underestimated, the heat of the sun is a real free natural heating. If your home is well exposed, remember to open the curtains and shutters during the day to take full advantage of them.

When a home is not sufficiently heated, it may be necessary to use additional heating. In the longer term, their use is strongly discouraged, because they consume a lot of energy, and your electricity bill risks skyrocketing quite quickly.

Similarly, you should know that these devices tend to dry the air and cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract. They should therefore in no case constitute a permanent heating solution.

This is another major advantage for saving on heating. Ademe believes that by using a programmable thermostat which lowers the temperature when you are not at home and during the night, and lets it rise again just before you return and before you get up rather than heating the home permanently at same temperature, you can save:

  • up to €270 per year for a house heated with electricity, for a heating bill of €1,800/year.
  •  up to €270 per year.
  •  up to €270 per year. ;€210 per year for a house heated with gas, for a heating bill of €1,400/year.
  • up to €210 per year for a house heated with gas, for a heating bill in the amount of €1,400/year.

Large sums and an investment which can therefore prove very quickly profitable.

The same goes for the installation of a heat pump. Be careful, however, the installation of this device will be all the more effective than your home is well insulated. Otherwise, it is relatively useless.

As you will have understood, there are several solutions to reduce your heating bill. While some, such as insulation work, can be expensive, other tips will cost you nothing and are more like common sense. By acquiring these good reflexes, you will be able to make some beneficial savings for your purchasing power.

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