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How to Take a Video Screenshot on iPhone and iPad ?

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By default, taking a screenshot on iPhone or iPad is quite simple: just press the volume and lock buttons simultaneously. But how to take a video screenshot? Your device has this capability natively, quite simple to use even if there is not really a key combination or button allowing you to carry out this operation.

The first step is to add the button to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad to the Control Center. The operation is quite simple – and you can then simply press this button to take a video screenshot of everything displayed on the device (except temporary content in apps like WhatsApp).

How to record your iPhone or iPad screen

How to Take a Video Screenshot on iPhone and iPad ?

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To do this, nothing could be simpler:

  • If the video screen capture button is missing from your Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center.
  • Tap the + to the right of Screen Recording.

If you swipe from the top right corner of your iPhone to open the Control Center you will notice that a new icon – showing a point surrounded by a circle – is available.

To start screen recording:

How to Take a Video Screenshot on iPhone and iPad ?

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  • Press the dot button surrounded by a circle.
  • The dot will then turn red and a three-second countdown will begin before the capture begins. Everything that appears on your screen is then captured in a video.

    To stop video screen capture:

    • Tap the red dot at the top from your screen.
    • Press the stop button.

    L& Your screen recording will then be a video stored in your Photos like any other video captured with your iPhone or iPad. You can then share it like any other content, via Airdrop, Messages, or a third-party app like WhatsApp.

    Is there a way alternative to start a video screenshot on iPhone or iPad?

    If you take this type of capture often, you may want a more “physical”, faster… the same type that allows you to take a simple screenshot on your iPhone or iPad.

    Alas, while we thought it would be possible to configure the video screen capture so that it starts by tapping the back of the smartphone three times, including by creating a home shortcut, we quickly had to face the facts: Apple drastically limits alternative ways of launching this feature – probably for security reasons.

    We can imagine that any complacency in this matter would lead to abuse by unscrupulous developers, who could thus access very sensitive information, particularly banking information.

    It is therefore mandatory to use the Screen Recording button in the Control Center . Note that even if you ask Siri to start recording your iPhone or iPad screen, you'll just get a link to an Apple help page that won't teach you nothing other than how to add the Screen Recording button to your Control Center .

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