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How to write a capital A (E, U) with accent on a Windows PC

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“Hey guys, how do you make a capital A on a Windows keyboard?”. This question (which often results in “you just have to buy a Mac”), many Windows computer users wonder. ask it.

Writing in French on a computer keyboard can often turn into a test of digital gymnastics, especially when it comes to inserting accented capital letters like “À”. Yet, whether for professional reasons or to maintain the integrity of the French language, it is crucial to master this skill.

Fortunately, Windows offers several solutions to simplify this task. . We tell you everything.

The 3 methods for writing an “À” capital letter on Windows

Rather than simply offering to press the relevant button (we're trolling), Windows offers three methods for writing a capital A with accent. Here they are.

Using keyboard shortcuts

The fastest and most common way to write an “À” uppercase is to use keyboard shortcuts. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + 7 simultaneously. Note that the 7 should be the one at the top of the keyboard, not the number pad.
  • Next, while holding down the Shift key, press the letter A.< /strong>

This key combination allows you to quickly and efficiently obtain a “À” uppercase.

Use ASCII codes:

Another method is to use the ASCII coding system. A what? Do not panic. No need to know the definition of this barbaric term to get by.

Remember that this computer standard, although old, remains very effective for entering special characters, including accented capital letters. . Here's how to do it:

  • Make sure that Your keyboard has a number pad.
  • Hold down the Alt key.
  • Type the number combination 0192 on the numeric keypad.
  • Release the Alt key. The character “À” should now appear.

Although this method requires memorizing codes, it is extremely useful for a variety of special characters. If you don't have a memory for numbers, you can write the combination on a post-it.

Use the Windows Character Map:

< p>For those who prefer a more visual method, the Windows Character Map is a great option, although more tedious. It allows you to select and insert any special character, including “À” capital letter. Here's how to access it:

    • Open the Windows Search tool by pressing Windows + S keys together.
    • Type “charmap” or “charmap” in the search bar.< /li>
    • Open the “Character Map” application that appears.
    • Look for the “À” capital letter, select it, then click “copy”.
    • Paste the character in the desired place in your document.

This method is particularly useful if you need frequent access to a variety of special characters. On the other hand, when entering a long text, it can quickly become laborious.

And the other letters? And the cedillas?

How to write an A (E, U ) capital letter with accent on a Windows PC

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Mastering the “À” capital is a great start, but the French language is full of other accented capital letters and cedillas that are just as important to know how to write correctly.

Letters such as “É” (Acute accent capital E), “È” (capital E with serious accent), “Ç” (capital C cedilla) and “Ù” (U capital letter grave accent) are also frequently used. Fortunately, the same methods mentioned previously can be applied to these characters:

  • For the “É” and the “È” capital letters, the keyboard shortcuts are respectively Ctrl + 4, then Shift + E and Ctrl + Alt + 7, then Shift + E.
  • For the “Ç” uppercase, the combination is Ctrl + ‘,’, then Shift + C.
  • Using ASCII codes, we can write “É” (Alt + 0201), “È” (Alt + 0200), “Ç” (Alt + 0199 or Alt + 128) and “Ù” (Alt + 0217).

By integrating these characters into your daily practice, you will not only enrich your typing skills, but also the quality of your writing, respecting the nuances of the language

Although there are a variety of methods, we highly recommend writing in ASCII codes, faster and more efficient in writing documents. #8217;a text. However, you can choose the method that suits you best, of course.

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