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How Windows 11 will save you even more energy< /p> © Presse-citron

Whether on PC or smartphone, operating systems offer energy saving modes which allow the battery to last longer, by adjusting certain parameters. On laptops running Windows 11, for example, this mode extends battery life by limiting certain background activities.

But Microsoft wants to go further, by allowing its users to save energy even when the machine is plugged in. This new feature is currently being tested on Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26002 on Canary Channel and could be deployed on a future stable version of the operating system.

According to the firm's explanations, this is 'an update that expands and improves Battery Saver. “While optimized to extend battery life, Power Saver will be available when PCs are plugged in (including desktops) for those who want to save energy at any time”, indicates the Redmond firm. As shown in the screenshot below, users will be given an option to maintain power saving mode, even on a plugged-in machine.

How Windows 11 will save you even more energy

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An eco-friendly feature  ?

Microsoft only says it offers this feature for those who want to save power all the time, not just to extend battery life. Possibly, the functionality could appeal to those who believe that all means are good to reduce energy consumption (and CO2 emissions), even if sometimes they are small gestures. Otherwise, some users might also use this feature just to reduce background tasks.

Otherwise, the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26002 test build on Canary Channel includes other updates. For example, in this version, Microsoft offers a new interface for managing VPNs. “We're making it easier to manage VPN in Quick Settings. If you have a single VPN, a new shared toggle lets you turn it on and off with a single click. If you have multiple VPNs, we've made some changes to the list to reduce the time it takes to start a connection,” the company says.

  • Like other operating systems, Windows 11 offers a battery saver that reduces background tasks
  • But the firm wants to offer a new feature that saves energy all the time, even when the laptop is plugged in, and even on desktop computers
  • Among the other new features tested, there is a new interface to manage VPNs

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