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Humane AI Pin: After the failure of its first AI gadget, the company is now up for sale

Only a few months after the delivery of its first product based on on AI, the Humane company would now seek to to be sold to investors.

This information could almost pass as a textbook case: according to the Bloomberg website, the Humane company is now up for sale. This information would come from several sources concordant and familiar with the firm, only a few weeks after the marketing of the first units of AI Pin, the first product of the  ;#39;company.

Announced At the end of 2023, the Humane AI Pin quickly caused a sensation. The promise of this little badge was to free itself from reduce our dependence on smartphones by simply interacting with our voice. The AI Pin was notably sold as capable of responding to emails, making calls, ordering items on Amazon, etc… At the head of this project were notably former Apple employees: Bethany Bongiorno, former director of systems for iOS and MacOS and Imran Chaudhri, designer of the #39;iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple Watch. 

Humane AI Pin: After the failure of its first AI gadget, the company is now up for sale

The Humane AI Pin was accompanied by many promises. © Humane

Unfortunately for the company, the first deliveries and tests of the AI ​​Pin quickly proved catastrophic. ;#39;écondition, the device was amputatedé many functions promised during its announcements and the bugs were extremely numerous. It was then much more difficult to use the AI ​​Pin than to simply take out your smartphone to perform a task. Add à This leads to shaky heat dissipation and laughable battery life, and you have every reason to shun the device.

Today, the Bloomberg site reports that the company would be in discussions with a financial advisor for a possible buyout estimated at the same time. between $750 million and $1 billion. If this sale could reveal a strategy to expand the company, the timing remains quite revealing of this new industry, while the Rabbit R1, another large base unit on AI has also been discussed. under fire from criticism after the first feedback from the specialist press.

A timing that is quite revealing of the impact and usefulness of the game. of artificial intelligence to the general public. If AI is clearly on the rise with investors, it still has to prove its legitimacy. with real customers. The Humane company has not yet responded to requests from the press and has not confirmed its release. this information for now.

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